Put On a Happy Face!

 We had a day, a few weeks ago, that was kind of a bad day. So, when David heard there was a new Kevin Hart movie out that was PG-13, he said, “Baby, let’s go!”

Kevin Hart is my husband’s favorite comedian! So, we went and David started laughing and having a good time. He was truly enjoying himself!

In fact, he was so happy that it kind of made me MAD!

He had his arm around me. Then, when a funny part came up, he’d start leaning his head over on me and beating on my arm!

(You know, hitting me doesn’t make me happy!)

Then he started laughing that laugh where spit comes out…all over my face! I was really annoyed at all this happiness!

Quit being SO happy!!! Can’t you see, I’m still very upset, here?

Of course, the problem wasn’t him, at all. It was ME! Sometimes, we just have to go ahead and force our face to be happy!

Sometimes, we have to put on the garments of praise! We have to rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, REJOICE!

Sometimes, we just need to praise God when we don’t want to praise Him!

Because, when we praise God, we get in His presence. And in His presence is the fullness of JOY!

And that, my friends, is the complete circle of how to get HAPPY!


Do you have a “go to” movie or song or activity that always cheers you up? What is it?

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  1. I truly loved reading this. It made me think of not getting so serious when life may seem tough. I always say in all things give thanks. Life could be worse, but our God takes care of us daily to still have the gift of life. Things may not be the way I d want them to be but I know better days are extremely close. Thanks again for sharing. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Linda Strachan

    My daughter Krystal and I really love this picture. God really loves us that’s why He gave us you as our Sr. pastors and all of our church family, who also resemble and represent the joy in this photo. We also appreciate how our pastors love, respect, enjoy and take care of each other and allows not only the church but the entire world to experience the transparency of what God has done and is continuing to do in and through your lives and it gives us all such joy and pleasure to know we are blessed and truly proud to be a part of your family.

  3. Najeebah Lawrence

    Thanks for sharing “Put On A Happy Face” Pastor Nicole. I agree with you 100%! Sometimes I get in a funk and I don’t know why, but I will put on my praise and worship music that always makes me feel better. My go-to movie is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. May the Lord God continue to use you in a mighty way. Bless you.

  4. Sheree Riney

    Good morning and Praise God!
    Thank you for this because I find myself sometimes being self absorbed instead of being happy with my hubby when he is happy. Even if its annoying we still must force our face to be happy! I needed to hear this! God bless you Pastor Nicole. I attend the Earth City Campus; finally completed Growth Track and now I am ready to start serving.

  5. Kevin Kast

    Pastor Nicole….have enjoyed many of your short messages. Would like to consider being a member of your “congregation.” But want to understand what the key beli f tenants are of Faith Church. Have left previous messages requesting this, but do not get a reply.

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