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Nicole Crank is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, dynamic international conference speaker, powerful life coach, pastor, and well-known television host of “The Nicole Crank Show,” that is broadcast around the world! Nicole and husband, David, are the Lead Pastors of, with eight campuses in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and thousands more Online.

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Sometimes I Cry


April 5, 2011


Nicole Crank is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, dynamic international conference speaker, powerful life coach, pastor, and well-known television host of “The Nicole Crank Show,” that is broadcast around the world! Nicole and husband, David, are the Lead Pastors of, with eight campuses in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and thousands more Online.

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sad bear

Don't you just hate injustice?

Sometimes I cry. And I am not a crier.

I have been through a lot of tough situations.

I have learned to focus my gaze, lift my shoulders back and keep walking through the pain.

But it is different when I have to watch others hurt.

There is such a helplessness that comes with not being able to lift their chin, move their feet, or do more than wipe their eyes and tell them that it will be ok again.

Of course I pray. I pray for them. I pray for the situation. I even pray for me to know how to pray.

And I have faith that God will do everything He said He would do.

Even so, I want to make others feel better now. I want their hurt to go away this very moment.

But I am not God. That is not my job. And if it was my job, I am sure that I would mess it up.

I am not God

I have a limited view of what happens on this earth, and I hate it so much.

How must He feel? How must He cry? How must He hurt?

God, seeing all the stupidity, wickedness, selfishness, pride, bitterness, anger, sickness, and the ignorance at which our flesh is so good, sat in heaven with a full view of the world and eternity and saw so much pain… and sin… and hurt… and wickedness — He just couldn’t take it anymore.

What kind of day must it have been in heaven, when the plan was developed to allow Jesus to leave heaven, come to earth and be born of a woman — only to be killed by man for the salvation of man?

It hurts me when others hurt. But if the answer to their pain was for me to brutally sacrifice my son, I don’t know if I could do that.

Is it ok if I am honest like that?

God is So Amazing

God is amazing. Our hurt becomes His when we take it to Him. Like a parent aches in the their heart when their child is in pain and we wish it was us instead of them, God willingly transfers our sorrows, sicknesses, sins, and shortcomings onto Jesus so that we, His children, can have a better life.

His mercy and grace are awe inspiring.


So far beyond human capacity.

In our best moment… on our best day… with our own children… we don’t BEGIN to touch His loving kindness.

So sometimes, I begin to cry. I cry because His mercy and love overwhelm me – and I am undone.

Lord, Your mercy.

Your love.

Your grace.

It overcomes me.

Receive God’s Love

Friend, let the love of God wash over you right now. It is like a salve, an oil, an ointment that can seep and soak into places that we can’t even reach ourselves.

Let it restore and rebuild you. Let it encourage and entreat you. Let it forgive you and free your soul.

And when we cry in His presence, He always reaches down and wipes our tears with His goodness and love.

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  1. Lisa Seeger says:

    Great healing words today. God is always right on time. Thank you, Pastor Nicole. God Bless you.

  2. Patti Edington says:

    Absolutely beautiful! SELAH!
    I KNOW I would never sacrifice my son for others. Especially if they were/are as ungrateful as we are. But that, thank God, is why HE is God and I am not.
    Beautiful perspective, Pastor Nicole.
    Thank you for your beautiful, insightful spirit. You definitely possess Wisdom AND understanding. We are blessed to have you………..

  3. Patti says:

    This world is truly blessed that God is Love and that He is in charge. Love came down and saved us all from our sins. I am so happy that I do not have to depend on anyone else to make that sacrifice, because it took Perfect Love to save this world!

  4. dawn haddox says:

    nicole,i want to tell you that 2 of my sisters,2 good friends and myself saw your services for the first time saturday night prior to the adult easter egg hunt(which was a great time as well!) i wanted to say i LOVED hearing you speak and i thoroughly enjoyed your part of the services..u are a BEAUTIFUL woman..also,there was a family u prayed over/for who had just lost their father/husband in a car wreck i believe,is there somewhere on your page or some where we can help,i only have about $10.00 but would like to meet this woman and maybe help in some small way…thank you and thank pastor dave too!!

  5. Jonnie Vitale says:

    Thanks for that…the ability to feel pain is a gift. It informs that we’ve been injured. It opens us to not only seeking relief but seeking the remedy. Whether emotional heart trauma or physical injury, pain is sometimes the path to wholeness. If that is the case, let us never hide from pain. Bless you, Pretty.

  6. Teresa Kelley says:

    God truly uses you and Pastor David, to be His hands extended. To give a hug to the hurting, to give encouragement to the down and out. I watched you minsiter to the eldery gentleman at the altar Sunday morning and I was in awe of how God used you. No you can’t heal their hurts but God definately uses you to be His loving arms around those hurting people you come into contact with. I thank God for my pastors who allow God to use them in such a way.

  7. Sarah Alvers says:

    I heard a ping telling me an email was sent. Tears were already sliding down my cheeks, and it was before I read your email. God must have known that words of comfort were needed. Thank you, you don’t even know how much your words can help heal. Bless you.

  8. Jeanne Riley says:

    I need God so very much. My husband left me for someone else. I am on disability only that just pays my house payment. I pray everyday for my absent husband and my son who just lost his job after 9years. He still goes to your church sometimes. I know God will work this all out because he is my loving father.

  9. Angela Smart says:

    I weep with you. My heart weeps for you, So much love, So much wisdom.
    Thank you Pastor Nicole you are truly a blessing to us all.

  10. Angel miller says:

    I am a 39 year old widow with 3 teenage children,my husband of 19 years passed away last February two days after his 41st birthday.He was my soulmate and my bestfriend and I am so sad he is gone.I remember asking God the day I lost him to take the pain and emptiness away ,It was unbearable bug God has blessed my children and I with peace and so much love from family and friends it has been such an incredible journey and I know the Lord has Great Purpose for my life and even though there will always be sadness I know the Lord will always be with me.My Lord My Savior,Jesus Christ

  11. Dana says:

    Thank you so much this Nicole! I have a 8 yr old son who has Autism. I cried for so long in my heart and wondered why me. My heart aches to hear him say Mama and maybe one day he will. I never give up on him and either has God. God gave me a special needs child to love and care for. God gives us only what we can bear. I keep that in my heart and prayers everyday. I share tears for ones who are much worse then my son but I know God will achieve a way to help us all. Each service I go to to hear you or Pastor David, I come away so uplifted. Thank you!

  12. Patti says:

    I love reading your blog, Pastor Nicole. You are such a comfort. I’ve been through a lot of heart ache in the last 10 or 11 years – I had a child born still, got out of an abusive marrige, found love again with a man that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with only to have him die 6 years ago at 35 leaving me to raise 2 kids all by myself, I’ve been dealing with several health issues – I had blood clots in my legs and lungs that almost took my life, pneumonia, female problems that led to me having a hysterectomy last year where they discovered that I had an extremely rare form of cancer, but with God, faith and my wonderful family and friends, I have beaten cancer and living each day to the full. Finding Faith Church and getting this extended, wonderful family has been the biggest blessing in my life….THANK YOU!!



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