Soul Searching

God wants our honesty. But, getting honest in front of God is HARD!

Putting it all out there before Him; letting Him change us, rearrange us, and do what He wants TO US so He can do what he wants THROUGH US, is tough.

Truthfully, most of us spend our time dancing on the FRINGE of the Will of God. We know that He wants to improve us. We also know, we’re not strong enough to change on our own.

We want EVERYONE ELSE to change, first.

·        If only, our kids would behave.

·        If only, those co-workers would straighten up.

·        If only, our spouse understood us.

But what if the change we really need is, actually, on the INSIDE OF US? What if some of the gap is our own fault?

I know, there are some things that I DON’T want to talk to God abut, especially in those areas where I know I’m failing.

He can’t change us if were too afraid to examine our own shortcomings. But the good news is, that WE are the ONE PERSON that we CAN change!

I want you to experience the greatest gains of your life. I want to help you accelerate on your journey.

Be brave enough to go to God and ask Him, “What do you want me to change?” Then be ready, because He WILL tell you.

It feels like those things are going to kill you.  But really, you’re on the verge of a SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH!

God can be your truest friend if you’ll LET HIM show you the way. Join me. We have some changing to do!



Our personal soul searching starts with our “Hi God’ study time. Tomorrow morning, at 7:30 am CST, I will be LIVE on Facebook to give you the FIRST LOOK at the new “Hi God Journal and Study Guide”.

If you already have the devotional, this is your NEXT STEP to developing a closer relationship with God. I want all my friends to hear about it first. So, if you don’t catch me live, be sure and watch the replay on Facebook. I know it will be a blessing to you!

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  1. Marinda Ferrell

    I daily Bible reading starting today will be augmented with your book. I read your book but has to confess not every day. Starting today it too will be daily.

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