That Was East

That Was Easy!

Ever had a conversation with someone who wasn’t there?

It seems like, it’s in the shower or the car where I have the most conversations with invisible people. Lol (Tell me, I’m not alone in this!)

We talk out loud all the time: to the IDIOT in traffic, what we SHOULD have said to that co-worker, or just dreading and REHEARSING a difficult conversation.

When we’re mad, upset, or working through something, we have no problem talking to someone who isn’t there. So, why does it seem so weird and awkward to pray?

Maybe, we’re worried about WHAT to say, officially, to the Creator of the Universe! Do we need an appointment? Do I have to be formal?  NO.

Every time we talk to God, at all… that’s PRAYER!

Prayer doesn’t have to be hard. There are no rules. God is your Father and your friend who LOVES you and cares about you. And He really just wants you to TALK to Him.

If you aren’t sure, start with, “Hi God, it’s me!” (Shameless plug.) and go from there. Read one of the topics from my book out loud to start the conversation. (like “I Gotta Love Who?”)

Thank Him for the things in life that you might be taking for granted. Confide in Him the secrets you can’t tell anyone else. Ask Him about the questions no one else could possibly answer.

Yup… you just prayed. (Now, that wasn’t hard, was it?)
In fact, it was so EASY, maybe you ought to give it a try, again, tomorrow!
Be honest! Have you ever caught yourself talking OUT LOAD to someone who’s not even there? Tell me who it was.

I’d like to send you a FREE chapter of my book “Hi God, It’s Me Again”. It’ll help you know what to pray when you don’t know what to say. Go to HiGodBook.com

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