The Flip Side

Years ago, I found myself in a CRAZY abusive marriage. It was, truly, the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through!

At one point, a gun was in my mouth! (Now, that’s SCARY!) I didn’t even know if I was gonna live through the next 60 seconds, or not.

But, I HATED the idea of failing! I really didn’t want to give up! I fell to the floor, crying, kicking, and screaming like a spoiled child!

“God, what do I do? I don’t WANT to say ‘no’ to this!!!”

God delivered me out of that space. But FIRST, I had to be obedient and say “NO” to the situation!

In saying “no”:

  • I said, “yes” to BANKRUPTCY!
  • I said, “yes” to losing my HOME!
  • I said, “yes” to losing my JOB!
  • I said, “yes” to losing time with my CHILD!
  • I said, “yes” to losing my HEART!

It sure looked like I’d LOST EVERYTHING!”

But, on the flip side of that “no” was a “yes”, named David, and an incredibly STRONG MARRIAGE!

On the other side, was a GODLY FATHER for my son, Austin, and a beautiful new daughter, Ashtyn!

The other side of that “no” revealed the TRUE CALLING on my life, to help lead a great church!

“Trust ME”, says God!

It’s never for less. It’s always for MORE! I never imagined my life could be so BLESSED!

This might be tight…but it’s RIGHT!

On the FLIP SIDE of that very HARD “no”, God’s BEST “YES” is waiting for you!


Have you ever said “no” to a situation that turned out to be the BEST THING that ever happened to you

If so, comment YES and give other people the courage to say NO!

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  1. Holly Peay

    Yes, my story is similar and I am getting on the other side of it. I said no and it is good to able to say no and get stronger in saying no. Thanks!!

  2. Cee Cee

    God wants us to be obedient to him. When anything that is not of God is out of order, God will flip it for his YES. Learn and live his word. The Bible is fruit for our soul!


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