The Miracle IS The Mess

No… We weren’t broken into. This is a mess that I left!

Everybody shows the pretty part of Christmas. Ones we’re dressed up for the party. Ones the presents are wrapped in. The tree is decorated. You know, the picture perfect moments (that it actually takes 19 photo fails to get).

But most of life isn’t picture perfect! Matter-of-fact? Every Pinterest moment took hours of mess to make one pretty minute.

Don’t be afraid of the craziness in your life. Life gets messy in order to make a moment. Enjoy the mess.

I always have 🙂 There’s something about the chaos that gives me energy because I know what the craziness is bringing. Let the chaos be your friend.

Allow the preparation to be just as fun as the pay off.

Like the wise Trace Atkins one said, ‘you’re gonna miss this’.

Enjoy every single maddening moment of this season in your life. And know if there’s a mess in your life right now, God has a beautiful miracle at the end of it, if we just follow him and walk his way.

If you like this, there is tons more like it on my blog (nicolecrank.com) Merry messy Christmas! May it be beautifully beyond your expectation as you drink in the disorganization and preparation and see it as blessing

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  1. Patricia Rosenbaum

    This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of. I’ve been sharing my home with my son and his family for the past year. They have now purchased their own home and will be moving out over the next couple of weeks. I will have a quiet house without the grandkids here – I know u will miss that.

  2. Evelyn M. Anderson

    Pastor Nicole and my Faith Church Family,

    I have been with Faith Church for over a year and have watched you on TV for a few years, God Bless You! I am without transportation due to a car accident that happened in September. I found out last Tuesday that I will need a Liver Transplant and is affecting my brain. I am scared, however, I know after all I have been through that my faith will get me through it and being a part of Faith Church Online community until my Palm Trans application is approved. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and being there always.

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