Tips To Help You Hit That Goal

We all have goals, it may be to become more physically fit or to learn how to do something new. There is something that tugs at us on the inside to pursue. At one point in time, David and I set a goal to pay off our house. I began to look for unused things around the house that I could sell. I was trying to get creative to figure out how to bring in additional money to help us make extra principal payments. It’s amazing how small amounts and small decisions over time, can create momentum toward a goal. The house was paid off in record time because we were committed to the goal.

Goals need to be measurable so that we can see our progress. This will help us to
stay on track and to reach our target dates. If we celebrate the milestones it will help spur us on to continue to the next goal.

I believe that all goals should be grounded with a timeframe. With no timeframe tied
to our goal, we have no sense of urgency to reach it. If we want to lose 10 pounds, when do we want to lose it by? This entire process won’t work if we set a deadline of “someday”. We need to be specific and anchor our goal with a timeframe and it will unconsciously help keep us moving toward it.

Let me encourage you to:
– Be specific in what you want
– It should be meaningful or important to you
– See yourself worthy of attaining this goal
– Make it measurable
– Set dates or deadlines
– Celebrate the milestones
– Get encouraged to reach the next goal!

Once you start reaching your goals and moving on to the next ones, YOUR SELF-WORTH WILL SKY ROCKET! It is so rewarding. You will become so motivated and get so much more energy to keep pressing on!

Don’t get discouraged, push past the pain and GET STARTED!

And in the words of Zig Ziglar, “You can’t stroll toward your goal!”

Need a little extra help setting goals? Download this free worksheet here to help as a guide to setting your goals!

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