Vintage Matters!

I am soooooo ready! Aren’t you? We’re READY for blessing, for promotion, for opportunity!

We FINALLY have our ducks in a row. So, WHY AREN’T things happening? Why hasn’t anybody noticed? Why hasn’t our chance come yet? Why have they passed us up???

We ‘FEEL’ ready for things to pop. We’ve clicked some things in and are ready for the next best thing. So why is our boss, God, friend, pastor, mentor waiting so long?

Think about this.

Shepherd boy, David, spent time on the back of a mountain, singing to sheep. He had to wait at home while his brothers fought in a battle that he could’ve won. Why? He was honing his craft!

Jesus had miracle-working power for thirty, long years before He was allowed to release it. Why? He was waiting for the authority from God to do what He’d always been able to do.

Elisha was a submitted apprentice for years. But, he went on to do TWICE the miracles of Elijah. Why? He was taking instruction and correction and developing faithfulness.

Moses spent forty years (four whole decades) stuttering on the backside of a desert. Why? He was overcoming his insecurity.

Esther spent her childhood as an orphan and then, was taken from her uncle to endure months of specific preparation. Why? She was learning and washing off who she was so that she could become who she was called to be, QUEEN!

While Moses talked to God, face-to-face, Joshua had to sit in the tent and just wait until Moses got back. He was missing all the good meetings. Why? He was developing faith and patience.

Joe Montana spent two years on the bench before he got the opportunity to be a quarterback. (Did I just go from Bible heroes to football?) Why? He was developing his gift into the skills he needed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Steve Young was sitting on the same bench, watching Joe. (Yup. I sure did. Got your attention, didn’t it?) Why? Again, developing the talent, learning about how to skillfully use what he’d been given, and being patient in the timing of the release of his gift.

It’s all about the timing!

Most people go through a season of apprenticeship. It’s how the good become GREAT… and how the great last!

If you feel ready, but stuck, just give God a minute. He knows where you are. Even if, it’s inside a tent on the back side of a mountain. Even if you’re capable, and yet, sitting on the bench.

Vintage matters! Releasing your gift too soon can mean missing God’s timing!



Can you wait on Him? If you can, let’s hear an ‘I’ll wait on you God!’


11 Responses

  1. Sherry Shortell

    Pastor Nicole, I am waiting on God’s timing. All is well in my soul. I have cleared my Tuesday so I can get up there early and do whatever work I can do for Jesus. I will work and serve and wait on the next level God has for me. I look forward to to my next level. I am a bit vintage but I know God has a new work for me. God bless and have a blessed day. Sincerely, Sherry Shortell

  2. Danny

    I love you and your husband very very much I tried to attentions on Sunday will my job gets in the way sometimes by do what you guys on YouTube and yes I will wait on God I just I just read your article Pastor Nicole

  3. Danny Shipley

    I love you and your husband very very much I tried to attentions on Sunday will my job gets in the way sometimes by do what you guys on YouTube and yes I will wait on God I just I just read your article Pastor Nicole

  4. Brendon D. Pizzati

    Hello Pastor! I am an ardent reader of your blessed messages and teaching! Praise Jesus! I can really relate to your message about being ready (at least I think I am!) and waiting for God’s perfect timing. I stay over this coveted Scripture: Be still and know that I am God. I do not want to miss what Almightly and Faithful God has for me. Again!

  5. Marinda Ferrell

    I never thought on this when going through my dry spells. Three degrees and experienced teacher yet budget restraints kept me broke and illness took what was saved and invested. Broke today but blessed beyond measure. Thank God for his faithfulness.

  6. Teena

    I’ve been asking Him, “Lord, where you at?” (Slang). I have been hearing God tell me over and over, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. This morning I got up early thinking about those in my life who have ‘staying power’. They are ALWAYS there. My Pastor has been there since I’ve joined the church some 29 yrs. ago. I retired from my job after 30 years with stretches of perfect attendance. Been married for 38 years to the same guy since I was 19. Same neighbors for 27 yrs. But do I have staying power? Power to WAIT and REMAIN FAITHFUL until God changes things, whether it looks like it or not. Power to keep showing up. Power to continue to give. Power to continue loving the unlovely. Even when the players change, will He find faith on the earth when He returns. Luke 18:8

  7. Sylvia

    I’ll wait on God. He blessed me with a wonderful new position but I feel ignored and like the stepchild at work. I’ll wait on God! Thank you

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