I Am Woman: Accessorize Me – September 12, 2014

What’s In Your Closet?

Are you ready to add some BLING to your daily routine?

I’m excited to invite you to our next I AM WOMAN fall event, “Accessorize Me”, Friday September 12th, 7:30 pm at the Earth City Campus.

The worship that night will be moving us into a place of God’s presence, while the creativity and production of the evening promises to be AMAZING!

The message will be especially designed to uplift, encourage and excite us all about what we should ACCESSORIZE our lives with.

Reuse, Rejuvenate And Repurpose!
Over the next few weeks, let’s dig deep into our closets and clean out any extra purses, wallets and accessories that we could DONATE for a greater cause.

It’s the perfect opportunity to reach out and ask our friends at work if they’d like to donate, too. And then, ask them to COME WITH US to Faith Church to shop the designer deals to benefit MISSIONS!

If you’re not SURE what’s in the back of your closet…perhaps this would be a great time to find out!

We’d love for you to share a story with the rest of us about one of your most interesting finds!

accessorize me ig

2 Responses

  1. Angie Jones

    My closet is filled with lots of things that I am going to bring to Faith Church to bless others!!!! Can’t wait it’s going to be an amazing night.

  2. Cheryl Morris

    When I was cleaning out my closet to donate things to I Am Woman accessorize me I came across this watch that was like a bracelet. When I found it I couldn’t believe it the last time that I seen that watch was the day that I moved into my house. I thought to myself no wonder I couldn’t find it. It was in my closet the whole time. I used to wear that watch all the time when I was growing up. But I can’t wear the watch anymore so I’m donating it to I am Woman hopefully someone else can enjoy it as much as I did. I can’t for Accessorize me.

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