What’s In Your Crack?

What’s in your crack? It might be more than you think.

It’s the elusive crack that we allow things to slip into that keep our lives, companies, organizations, churches or homes from being excellent.

So I decided to go crack diving. Thank goodness there wasn’t a plumber around! (Yep, just went for the cheap joke)

Have you ever stopped to examine WHAT you have allowed to slip through the cracks?
Are there similarities? By looking at the crack-fillers can we mine information to stop letting things get in there?

When I looked at my crack, I noticed a few pointed things.

1. Things that made it into the crack were often things I was not looking forward to doing.

Procrastination is a slippery slope straight to CRACKSVILLE. If you know that there is a task that you aren’t looking forward to, sometimes it is best just to knock it out first thing. Then at least you don’t have to dread it for a week before you finally do it or let it slip into the crack.

2. Things in my crack often showed up at a busy time.

There was a whole different group of things in my crack that didn’t get done. I THOUGHT I would remember to do them and got busy or sidetracked before I got them done. Then BAM into the crack they disappeared. Which leads to the last point.

3. A task list can close your crack.

Sometimes I just think my memory is better than it is, so I don’t put things on my calendar, schedule purposeful time for them, or add them to a task list. The shortest pencil is better than the longest memory, and a simple note can make you look really competent.

Everybody hates to show their crack! Do you have a few ways to share on how we can all improve and stop letting things slip through the crack?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes re: the task list. I try to put everything on my calendar (even when to cut out box tops from all the empty packages piling up in the kitchen). To avoid procrastinating on all my “little things” especially, when my alarm goes off I try to resist the temptation of rescheduling it for another day and just get it done. Don’t know what’s up with me and those box tops though…Thank you for sharing!

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