When Enemies Attack Your Dream!

When Enemies Attack Your Dream!

As you speak, walk, do right and get STRONG in God – don’t think that you’ll never be challenged or WRONGFULLY accused.

Even when we’re living our DREAM for God, we can be doing RIGHT…and be treated totally WRONG! After all, it even happened to Paul, you know, the guy who wrote 2/3 of the New Testament!

Trust God
It’s what we do NEXT that really counts.

• Do we try to DEFEND or avenge ourselves?
• ACCUSE our accusers?
• Or just keep doing right and TRUST in God and the DREAM He has given us?

Going Through
By walking THROUGH the adversity and not folding under the pressure, God ADDED to the church and fulfilled Peter and James’ dream by giving them 5000 new members!

Don’t cave in when adversity and challenge come! Stay strong in the DREAMS God has planted in you and He will turn ALL things for your good! (Romans 8:28)

Prayer For Today
“Father God, when challenge surround us, help us to stay strong in all of the DREAMS that You have planted in us. We know that, even in hard times, You are turning things for our good!!! In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Don’t Miss This!
If you want to be encouraged to live out the DREAM that God created you for, come be with us next weekend Friday, June 6 and June 7 at the I AM WOMAN Dream Conference!!!!! It’s a Dreamy event planned and purposed to inspire, refire and bring your dreams back to life!

Registration for Dream 2014 is now closed. Tickets can be purchased at the start of the event for $60.

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  1. I know the kids had a blast leaving those cioeoks and milk for Santa we use to do it when we were kids and that would be the first thing we would look for when we got up to see if Santa received our offering of the treats we left him, and he also did just leaving the crumbs for the mice. Ode to be a kid again. Love you guys and Merry Christmas!!!!!! Love Dad G.

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