Working Without a Net

When my daughter was 2 years old, we still lived out in the country. One day, my teenage sister was visiting and we were just hanging out by the pool.

Ashtyn was SO CUTE, pushing her little grocery cart with all her plastic food in it around on the patio.

When I turned toward the house to go check on dinner, I suddenly heard something behind me.

My sister, FULLY CLOTHED, was coming up out of the pool with Ashtyn in her arms.

I scolded her, “What in the world are you doing?”

She was sobbing, “Ashtyn pushed her shopping cart into the pool! I just dove to the bottom to get her!”

Wow! I never saw it coming! I didn’t see Ashtyn fall into the pool. I never even knew that I had a PROBLEM! 


God wasn’t surprised at all. He knew what was going to happen. He had my sister there at PRECISELY the right time, for protection.

We just assume we’ve misplaced our car keys. But, it could be God making us late for the accident, keeping us away from the road rage or protecting us from the terrorism.

So many times, we don’t even know we’re headed for trouble.  But, God goes out BEFORE us!

His angels have charge over us and continually encircle us. We don’t need insurance…we’ve got ASSURANCE!

We don’t need a backup plan JUST IN CASE God fails. We don’t need no stinking safety net! (Sorry about the grammar.)

HOW MUCH does God have to do for us before we recognize it and give Him the credit?

Do not sell God short. Do not mistake FAVOR for coincidence. God is SO GOOD and He’s watching over us. Be sure to give Him the glory!


Did God ever show up at just the RIGHT TIME to keep you or your family safe?  Tell me how it happened.


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  1. Nina Benjamin

    I relate with this blog completely. God has come so many times just in time to save me from situations. Horrible situations which got converted into blessings. God is good all the time…specially in bad times, he is completely incharge of you. he is god over storms.. Trust him..

  2. Penny Allen

    Thank you so much Pastor Nicole for confirming that NOTHING catches God by surprise! I’m ever grateful for His divine protection and intervention…even when I’m not aware. His timing is PERFECT. Blessings to you PN! I pray God’s anointing be continually upon you as you walk obediently in your purpose. A faithful Faith Church member.

  3. Melissa Norton

    I’ve had this happen before. I was having a horrible day. Was supposed to go to a concert and didn’t want to. My mother talked me into going. I couldn’t find my keys when it was time to leave. Found my spare. I ended up in a car accident. I thank God that my baby and I are both okay. I should have listened to God when he made me not want to go.

  4. Patricia Rosenbaum

    I have learned this very thing! When driving, I have given up my frustration at traffic or things not going my way when I’m in a hurry. I know that God is directing my path, protecting me as I travel. I am much more patient.

  5. Stephanie

    When I was giving birth to my 21 year old son, he wasn’t budging. The doctors left to get the forceps t pull him down. I started praying and he came down, no forceps! Jesus was my delivery in my daught’s birth to. They wanted to give me a c section. They left to prep things, started praying, and she came without c section.

  6. Evie Anderson

    My son Dustin was working in Orlando for a Newspaper and he would critic clubs and movies. Basically any Entertainment going on he was writing about it because he wants to get into the field of anything to do with the Arts.

    When the nightclub Pulse wound up being the next place that had all of the victims regarding Gun Violence in Orlando my son was supposed to go there that night. He told me that he was going a few days before and I thought nothing of it because he did stuff like this all the time. He was trying to get paid regarding a career in journalism or anything of the sort.

    My son is still alive, he didn’t go because something else had come up and he wound up staying home. Needless to say I went through what every Mother goes through when our kids are involved, once again, God had my Son, this was not his time and I am praying everyday that while he is overseas serving our Country that God watches over him and all of those that are fighting for us.

    There are more times than I can count that God has stepped in at just the right moment. He does it more than any of us recognize, and that is okay, but when he does and we see it or feel it, we need to give him Thanks and feel blessed!

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