Worship Before You Work

Last week, there were a couple of days that I got so busy that I ended up doing my “Hi God time” just before bed, at night…at MIDNIGHT!

David had the TV blaring on one side of the room. Ashtyn was laying on my other side. And there I was, right in the middle of everything, trying to have some PERSONAL study time with Jesus!

I have to admit, it was the end of the day and I didn’t give God my best. I gave Him what was LEFT OVER.

Can anyone else relate to that?

If you’re missing some peace, it may be because you forgot to worship BEFORE you work.
Martha did the same thing. (Luke 10)

She’s getting ready for the meeting. Martha’s putting out the bagels and making her agenda. She’s got her “to do” list, her productivity software caught up and she’s finished her journaling.

That’s what the world is pushing us to do. It’s all about planning, setting goals and productivity.

All those things are good. But, we can’t be TRULY productive without the “Creator of the Universe” on our side.

If we’re preparing, WITHOUT involving God, then we may be preparing for the wrong things!

So, Martha is preparing. She’s getting the food. She’s doing the business. She’s really “ticked” at Mary…and she’s going to tell Jesus.

She’s sobbing, “Mary’s not helping me and I’m doing ALL the work! I can’t do this all by myself!”

Jesus, basically, tells Martha, “I never asked you to do it by yourself, sweetie. You just got out ahead of me.”

So, let’s get God involved at the front end. Before we have the opportunity to get distracted, let’s get His input.

Maybe it’s the RIGHT goal, but it’s the wrong time. Maybe we’re planning for something He doesn’t have planned.

What is HIS plan?

Let’s be aware of Him, focus intentionally, relax and bring our mind back. He’s trying to tell us…but are we listening?

If we really want to get ahead, God already has a GREAT PLAN for us! Resist all the clamor. We have a choice!

Have you ever gone out ahead of God’s plan? How did that work out? Share your thoughts, below.

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  1. melinda

    Oh yes!
    My mind is already consumed with the day to day commitments and I forget my commitment to GOD.
    The beauty of it is that he aides and cares so much about our time together.As soon as I put GOD first..start of every new day, it’s amazing how His peace and power,love and grace surrounds us. My day is so much better because I spent time with GOD.

  2. Leah C

    Growing up in a Christian house many times I tried to do things without seeking God first an sometimes it work out an many many time i failed I’ve learn now to always seek him first seek his guidance seek his direction it’s the only way to go..

  3. Lin

    This is so for me! Thank you! I have started the year getting my morning time in but this is how last year was. I need to keep this reminder in front of my face!

  4. I have the opposite problem, i try to do my God time in the morning. However, theres those times life gets in the way, & i do it before bed like u stated. Heres the catch, Gods been trying to push me to do something “i just dont know about, yes i believe God forgives me for my past my mstakes.” Ive been getting a litttle whisper about everytime im in the Word, almost calling me to Preach. Idk,…im asking God to lead my foot steps, i just dont know what preaching for me looks like.

  5. Marinda Ferrell

    Thank you, I have found out in my life experiences God’s plan is always better than my plan. I need the patience to wait on him.

  6. Faith Darling

    Ya, getting in front of God ! I do that more often than not.. but , I get so confused most of the time, I think I’m doing all the right things. I just wait sometimes and others I can’t, and both just don’t feel right, and only have 2 options .. maybe I should be looking for a 3rd? I need lots of help .. I’ve never been this confusing, thanks And thanks to the Good Lord

  7. tina

    You inspire me .. So for such a time you were sent to minister God plan… I often get ahead of God ,by simply not listening to him…or taking time too.

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