True Friends

Recently, we were traveling through the Big Apple. I watched hundreds ofTHOUSANDS of people running back-and-forth… but I felt no connection toany of them!

Because I had no relationship with these people… SOMETHING WAS MISSING. Iwas in a crowd, but still felt all alone!

There are plenty of people who have a pulse, yet have no sense ofcommunity.

When I got back to my church family, I found myself surrounded by the people that I LOVE.What a difference it is to be in a place where you have RELATIONSHIPS!

Positive relationships will take us higher. They bring out the BEST in us. They energize, inspire and validate us!

It’s tempting to take those people lightly and not realize they are our TRUEFRIENDS! A friend is one of the greatest treasures in life!

These types of relationships require commitment, time, energy, and areciprocating investment from both parties.

Notice I said, “BOTH” parties!

If you’re in a relationship where you’re doing all the GIVING and they’redoing all the RECEIVING, then that might not be a true friendship.(hello!!!!)

Do you have any TRUE FRIENDS that always have your back? (Let’s see that hands up emoji)

David and I will be taking a hard and hilarious look at ALL KINDS of personal relationships, this weekend, as the ‘He Said, She Said” series continues at FaithChurch.com.

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  1. Austin Johnson

    Man I wish I knew this sooner then I would have probably understood that relationships go both ways and not a giving-receiving type. I ask everyone to pray that I make the right friends when I graduate high school

  2. Marinda Ferrell

    Pastor Nicole, my dearest friend has been with me since 3rd grade. Our history is a lifetime of love, sharing, and caring. As kids it was her who would knock on the door and tell me and my brother it’s time to go to Sunday School. She was my maid of honor at my wedding 51-years ago. She earned her PHD to my two Masters. She serves in two churches and sometimes three if she is needed for anything at Faith Church. She is not only my BFF but my sister in every way. I love her dearly and thank God at age eight; he sent her into my life.

  3. Peggy

    I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by a tribe of women who support and love one another. We are known as the Fantastic 4.

  4. KDavis.

    My daughter is struggling with her husband, who is into drugs, and now becoming very verbally abusive. We have been living here in West palm beach since May, 2018, and we love it, and we are in bigger house, and we have offered for her and the kids to come. Can you please pray for us and pray for her to have the strength to get out of that Toxic place and come here, where I know she will be much happier.

  5. Phoebe Anthony

    So true Pastor Nicole. I recently had to walk away from people to whom I thought were truly my friends but were only takers. They were draining my energy and I prayed that God show me what to do about it. I felt he saw it best for me to walk away as our season had truly ended and I was in a fog or denial so speak.

    Thank You for the confirmation that letting go can be good sometimes.

    God Bless You.

  6. Chaka Khan

    So true, when we are doing all the giving it can be draining to our spirit, well mine at least and that’s where I am right now trying to pray and build my spirit back up so that I can serve God better.

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