Fair-Weather Friends

When my ex-husband left me, charged up all our credit cards and then cleaned out our bank account to buy drugs, God NEVER left me.

We were eating, thanks to a local food pantry…. but at least we had FOOD.

I remember shopping at pawn shops for Christmas presents for Austin… but at least I had SOMETHING to give him.

It was MY fault that I married the wrong man. But God NEVER said, “I told you so!” He just stayed by my side the entire time.

A fair-weather friend is right there when times are GOOD, but hard to even locate when things “go south”.

They want to be around you when you’re talking to the boss or when the project is going well.

They’re your BEST friend when you’re hanging out with that cute guy or that popular girl.

But, if they don’t see any benefit for them, personally, they’re long gone! (The NERVE of some people!)

Be HONEST. Have you ever treated God like a fair-weather friend? I know I have!

After we’ve made a complete mess of our lives, that’s when we call on God and pretend that it wasn’t all OUR fault.

God never gives up on us. He’s NOT a fair-weather friend. HE STICKS!!!


Have you ever been abandoned or betrayed by a fair-weather friend… or is it just me? Show me a raised hand emoji!

The “He Said, She Said” relationship series continues this weekend at Faith Church! Don’t miss out – we want you to miss the heartaches in relationships we have had!

6 Responses

  1. Laura

    Hi Nicole
    Yes I have been a fair weather friend to God but now I am trying to be His normal friend. Your right He never ever lets us down and is always by our side

  2. Tina

    I live in Cleveland Tennessee and when we are in Pompano for vacation the first week of August, we drive up to West Palm and visit. My husband and I and our11 year old son really enjoy the service . We always leave with a gold nugget to help our walk with Christ.

  3. Marinda Ferrell

    People described as “fair weather friends” has passed through my life. God is the one constant friend I have found to be true 24/7. Thank God for his faithfulness.

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