A Few Crazy Friends!

Last year, I was attending a formal event for church. I was having a great time, but I felt like I was constantly tripping over the hem of my dress.

I just kept hearing a song playing in my head. “Pastor on the ground, Pastor on the ground, Looking like a FOOL with your pastor on the ground!”

(What if I was like that old lady in the commercial?“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”)

But, one of our worship leaders assured me. “Oh no, Pastor! You have enough good people around you. We would NEVER let you hit the ground!”

Everyone needs a few CRAZY friends surrounding and supporting them! The problem is, everyone doesn’t think that way!

Do you have any unreliable friends?

When they need YOU, they want you to be available, right NOW! But when you need THEM, they’re like, “Sorry I didn’t see your text…I guess I was sleeping.”

Sleeping??? Seriously… for THREE DAYS?  (You know what I’m talking about.)

We need friends that we can count on when the “chips are down”, who won’t just eat all our chips and split! We have to find good people to hang around with.

That’s why I want you to come to the SHINE Woman’s Conference,this Friday and Saturday in Sunset Hills.

We’ll have amazing contemporary music and lights, fabulous singers, dancers and entertainers, great food, and world-class speakers!I promise you… you’re gonna LOVE this!

Best of all, you’ll have the chance to meet a bunch of CRAZY NEW FRIENDS!


Could you use a few more GOOD friends? (Raise your hand.) I know I could!

Come hang out with me and a couple of my crazy friends, Sarah Jakes Robertsand Real Talk Kim! It’s gonna be a BLAST you don’t want to miss! See you Friday!


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