Behind the Scenes!

God is EVERYWHERE and so far out AHEAD of us, by DECADES!

Like last month, I was so excited to have the chance to speak at a conference in a SECULAR arena. It was a goal that I had put on my vision board.

God was already blowing me away with His goodness. But watch how AMAZING He really is…

At the arena, they led me to my seat on the front row. During worship, I lifted up my eyes to Heaven and noticed a red sign just up to the right of the platform.

That’s WEIRD! It was the only sign there… all by itself. It was an ad for a company called Frontier Communications.

Frontier Communications??? Okay. Now, I’m FREAKING OUT!

Because in 1997, I was in the corporate world and a Sales Rep for Frontier Communications when I met a man named David Crank. A couple of years later, they got bought out by another company and, eventually, went bankrupt.

That company I used to work for went out of business more than 20 YEARS AGO!

So, as I’m walking into this blessing that God had for me, I’m seeing the name of the place that I WAS when I was called into ministry! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

God spoke to my heart. He said, “Twenty years ago, Nicole, when you didn’t even know that you wanted to be here, I preserved a small part of that company… so that they could pay for this particular arena… so that when you got here you would know that I went out before you. This was all ME and none of you. I’ve just been waiting for you to get here!”

Wow!!! Leave it to God, to figure out a way to make our past PAY FOR our FUTURE! He knew us when we didn’t even know what we were capable of.

He’s that GOOD! He’s that WILD!

He’s everywhere, continually working for us behind the scenes, figuring out new ways to make us SHINE!

Has God ever stunned you by working behind the scenes to give you the desires of your heart? (Give me a raised hand!) What was it?

Pull those rhinestones and sequins out of the closet and get ‘em ready for this weekend! The SHINE Women’s Conference kicks off this Friday night in Sunset Hills!

Plenty of good seats are still available. I’m looking forward to hanging out with you and your friends! See you there! https://www.iamwoman.tv/2019

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