A New Name

I know it’s weird, but I like to give the people in my life completely NEW names. (I guess I’m quirky that way!)

When Morgan Jennings married my son, we already had a Pastor Morgan at work, and Ashtyn had a friend by the same name. I started calling her “MJ”. Well, “MJ” turned into “Emma JB”. “Emma JB” was too long. So now, I just call her “Emma”.

Ashtyn has always called her brother, “Bubba”. So now, I just call Austin, “Bubs”. Ashtyn’s name is, actually, Ashtyn Nicole…but that sounds too much like mine. That would be confusing. So, I just call her “Coco”. (Go figure!)

So, if we’re out in public and I need to get their attention, I can yell, “EMMA! COCO! BUBS!” and all three of my kids will respond.

Your mouth (that thing right under your nose) is a powerful VERBAL LABEL MAKER. Whenever you speak, you’re creating new labels, wherever you go.

Likewise, other people are always making and throwing labels at us…hoping they’ll STICK.

Your momma said you were just like your father! A teacher called you dumb! That coach swore you’d never amount to anything!

You might not think those labels could EVER come off! Labels will determine your trajectory in life. Wrong labels will lead to the wrong trajectory.

Labels can LIMIT you! Release those old labels and LET GOD NAME YOU!

You are loved, redeemed, forgiven, peaceful, joyful, friend, overcomer, salt and light, and child of the Most High!

You are called to greatness! BELIEVE in the names that God calls you and stop cursing what He has BLESSED!


Do you have some old labels that you need to peel off and get rid of, once and for all? Will you take them off? Let’s hear it!

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  1. Marinda Ferrell

    Message full of deep meaning as another school year has started. Students/ teachers hear many negative things in the course of their day and it is sad. Name calling to shame or just throwing a name at somebody and hoping it catches the attention of the masses. Thank you for the word and the true meaning of having God name us all.

  2. Lorie Singleton

    Majority of my life I was called fat, uncomfortable, ugly, weird, heartless etc. By family n friends it hurts alot and I feel the way they said to the point I looked at my self n had low self esteem my kids fell into the same thought patteren. But when god came into our life I feel so confident til someone say something l just look in the mirror n tell myself I am a child of god I am beautiful, blessed n highly favored n I plant those seeds in my kids n grandkids sometimes it’s a struggle

  3. Traci

    Yes the question is why each time I speak the labels off, it seems I get attacked stronger within a day or two. Then I feel so so weak. The mental attacks have been horrible and I want to be set free. I feel like I am doing something wrong to due the mental attacks come stronger. Advice please..

  4. Stephanie Lightfoot

    The labels of abuse, heartache, and shame. Fear. I give advice to others about not blocking God’s blessing in their life, but not taking my own advice. In an abusive marriage where there is verbal abuse. Need to get rid of the fear of being alone.

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