A Sure Way to Get Bitten

Pastor Nicole Crank - A Sure Way to Get BittenDon’t you hate being trapped on an airplane with a stewardess that’s just downright EVIL? Me too!

We had just finished boarding and the aisle was finally clear.

Then this SWEET older gentleman slowly got out of his seat and shuffled the 8 rows toward the front.

He politely asked the stewardess if he could use the LAVATORY. (How cute!)

Not so fast, Buddy!
You would THINK he had run up there brandishing a weapon to hijack the plane!

She promptly raised her RUDE voice, publicly admonished him and sent him packing back to his seat.

Then she immediately went and used the restroom, HERSELF. Then the other stewardess used the bathroom, too.

Apparently, THEY held all the power and wanted to make sure to rub it in!

Control Issues
At 10,000 feet, they finally gave us permission to use our portable electronic devices.

Still in OBVIOUS distress, the little old man PLEADED out loud in such a sweet, strained voice.

“May I use the lavatory NOW?”

This time, the “Gestapo” got up and YELLED at him. “NO! WE will let you know when you can!

Secondhand Offense
You know, people can be mean to me…and that’s ONE thing. Believe me; I can stick up for myself. (Just ask my family.)

But when I see someone tormenting a helpless 85 year-old man, that’s when I REALLY start smoldering under the collar.

Honestly, I was wishing that I wasn’t heading back to the city where I pastor with a plane full of people who MIGHT recognize me.

“Local pastor arrested at airport. Film at 11:00!”
I think I was MORE upset that they were doing this to him, than if they had actually done it to ME.

At that point, I NEARLY let the natural talent that God gave me to verbalize BUST loose on that airplane!

It’s weird, but I was READY to risk my reputation (and probably some air marshal’s zip-tie hand cuffs) to defend this man that I didn’t even know.

And then I remembered…
“Like one who grabs a stray dog by the ears is someone who rushes into a quarrel not their own.” Proverbs 26:17 (NIV)

God doesn’t want us getting into battles, arguments and situations that have NOTHING to do with us. He’s got it under control.

It can be HARD to stay out of other people’s business…right? But jumping in where we don’t belong is a sure way to get BITTEN!

Be honest. Have you ever lost control and stuck your nose in where it didn’t belong? How did it work out for you?

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  1. Beth

    I think I would have said something, no I would have said something. I have worked with older adults for a while & they do not deserve disrespect like that. My parents taught me to respect my adults & it would have been hard to sit by & watch that. I am sure you were not the only one on that plane feeling that way. I would have said it in a polite way, but I would have helped him to the bathroom or let them know he needs to use the bathroom. Anyway, I found myself wanting to be on the plane & doing something for him. It is hard not to say something & my family knows I can take care of myself also. ALWAYS LOVE YOUR BLOGS! Beth

  2. Hi Nicole, thank you for sharing.
    Yes life has given me a lot of bites, because I can´t stand injustice and unsecure peoples stepping over and patronizing weaker people.

    My idea of solving the situation you mention, would be to call the stewardess and politely tell her that I am too in the lavatory line.

    To show her, that her appearance or lack of same is noticed by others and force here to reconsider, that the need from one person actually could be the need from a silent majority in the cabin.

  3. Angie Jones

    Ummm…yes. And it never worked out to be the best for me. It can be super hard at times. When I feel the need to join in I try to deep breathe and pray. It works MOST of the time. I am a work in progress!

  4. Jim

    I would have at least ask the stewardess for the man and said hey if you don’t let the guy go you may have a mess to clean up. I wouldn’t rush into a quarrel over it but maybe bring to someones attention the way he was treated so it may be corrected.

  5. Debbi

    Yes I have a legal obligation as an RN to report actual or suspected abuse. It is sad to see how some treat their own children in public. I have reported suspected child abuse as well as suspected elder abuse. I can only hope that I have made a difference with more positive outcomes than with negative ones.

  6. Annette Hagen

    I wish I could say I would have been able to stand down but I doubt it. I would probably get in trouble. I think there would have been words. Everyone would think I was insane.

    I should handle it like my grandmother taught me. She didn’t get angry when she was treated unfairly due to her age. She said the best revenge was that Lil Miss Stewardess would be old one day also and maybe she will meet someone like herself..

  7. Suzanne Larkin-Burton

    Well Nicole I feel totally different …I am put here on this earth to help elderly ,to help children, to help people that are mentally challenged… God gave me a phenomenal mind and I am here to fight for them all if I have to when I see an injustice I stand up I speak my voice ….I know someday when I’m old and old folks home there going to dope me up to shut me up but until then I’m gonna keep on speaking. I am never mean but I tell you I do get my point across. I look at it like that man could’ve been my father and how would I let my father be treated.

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