A Very Rude Awakening!

It was 6:00am and the phone was RINGING!!! (Are you KIDDING me?)

I was on a tour of eight cities in eight days. After a 5+ hour coast to coast flight, I was looking forward to a good night’s SLEEP at the last hotel.

The night before, I had called the front desk and SPECIFICALLY requested a 7:15 wake up call.

So naturally, when the phone rang at SIX, I assumed the clock in my room must be WRONG.

To Error is Human

When the voice CONFIRMED that my 6:00am wakeup call had been delivered, I was ready to yank the phone out of the wall and STRANGLE that automated woman!!!

I fumbled around to find the “0” on the telephone and eventually reached a HUMAN at the front desk.

I explained that there had been a mistake, and would she PLEASE just give me a call back at 7:15?

“Why?” She asked. “Aren’t you ALREADY up?”

I Had My Reasons

Have you ever lost your cool for all the RIGHT reasons?

HONESTLY, I was still half asleep, a bit jet-lagged and in my sixth city in six days!

I REALLY just wanted to sleep a bit longer so I could muster enough ‘HOLINESS’ to be a good conference speaker!

Surely anyone who knew my story would be TOTALLY on my side!

That is…anyone except GOD!

Grace for All

Here’s where I trip up and have to be reminded about GRACE.

Jesus wasn’t crucified just so I could have ALL the grace I need when I mess up.


He died so that EVERYONE could receive His grace, no matter WHO and no matter WHAT!

Grace Kicks In

Even for this woman who:

•WOKE me up!
•Wouldn’t let me go BACK to sleep!
•ARGUED with me!
•Refused to set ANOTHER wake up call!

I’m sure she didn’t PLAN to aggravate the traveling pastor in room 967. She just didn’t understand.

I guess it was EARLY in the morning for her, too. 🙂

Wait…I think I just felt GRACE for this situation FINALLY kick in!

He Expects More

So even though I didn’t lose my TEMPER, I really didn’t show her any grace, either.

She is God’s daughter, His PRECIOUS child!

He EXPECTS me to show grace to her, just as He has shown to ME.

Wow! Maybe that’s the REAL wakeup call.

Have you ever extended grace to someone when you felt justified in being crabby?

Have you ever received grace after you really messed up?

Did one feel any better than the other?

9 Responses

  1. Sherry Pillow

    Wish I could say that I’ve “always” shown “grace,” but God’s watching. 🙂 Most of the time, I can extend grace; however, there have been occasions when I’ve shocked myself with less than a graceful attitude. God still forgives me, but the hardest part is often forgiving myself when my heart has been convicted. Even in that circumstance, God gives me grace. 🙂

    What a powerful reminder, Pastor Nicole, that we need to be instant in season and out to extend the same grace, under ANY circumstance, that God continually extends toward us. Your word for today is exceptional! 🙂

  2. Julia Warren

    There are no mistakes in God’s timing! If this this had not happened you would have not been able to give us this timely word for today. I appreciate your willingness to share with us the side of you that has less that Godly reactions to every day situations. God bless you for blessing me!

  3. Monabird

    How funny to have this topic, how apropos! I just travelled for 10 hours with someone that had horrible road rage. I’m not kidding, the whole 10 hours, screaming foul language and gesturing all the way to our destination. What’s more, my mother was a ” rageaholic” and reduced me to a quivering mess., so riding with my ” rage full” friend made the trip miserable. By the time we arrived at our destination I was yelling at drivers too! Lets just say that grace didn’t abound. It’s amazing how anger and rage can ruin my days and leave me feeling less than great. God’s so right about holding your temper and answering rage with grace ultimately blesses the person and myself. It’s actually easier on my system to remain calm and loving, the only thing that gets in my way is feeling disrespected. But Christ, God, was disrespected and discounted everyday, suffering the ultimate humiliation being beaten, tortured and stripped naked and left to die. I think maybe I could manage someone’s disrepect for a moment! Just sayin’!!

  4. Mykayla

    Nicole I went to Faith Church when I was younger. Right now I am going through a lot I always read your blog and I gives me lots of hope… I recently lost my boyfriend, and my brother to suicide. I needed Jesus for a long time and I have finally found him!!!

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