Can One Person Make A Difference?

Pastor Nicole Crank - One Person Can't Make A Difference, Or Can They?
My husband David and I were in Riviera Beach, Florida, a lower income area that is only a few miles from Palm Beach, one of the wealthiest communities in the world. It is said that there are more billionaires per square mile in Palm Beach than anywhere in North America. While on this trip, we met Bill Hobbs, a former golf pro, who heads up an amazing effort called URBAN YOUTH IMPACT in Palm Beach.

The Woman

Bill introduces me to a young woman named Madonna. She begins to tell me her story. She says at age 13, she was invited to the Urban Youth Impact after-school program, but she didn’t want to go. Then this friend told her about snacks, soda, and fun, so she agreed to go, but she said, “I’m not staying for the sermon!” After the snacks, Madonna, who loves to play basketball, was playing with a group of kids at the event. Someone hit her on the knee, which really messed it up, and the next thing she knows this 6’5” tall white guy (Bill) is picking her up and taking her to the hospital. Bill watched out for her and took care of her every day in the after school program.

Her Challenge

This young woman’s story is even more unique in that she was born in prison, she’s been shot, and her Mom has stayed in the penal system for years. As the first in her family to go to college let alone graduate from high school, Madonna had a scholarship to go to Palm Beach Atlantic University. The situation for her younger sisters wasn’t safe or stable, and she didn’t want to risk having them get separated and sent to foster homes. She couldn’t stand for it.

Her Accomplishment

This young woman resolved to give up her scholarship in order to raise these promising young girls. So she put herself through college, while still living in the inner city and trying to keep her sisters safe and out of the drama that happens there. Now, in six months, she’s going to graduate from college at 27-years-old.

Now THAT takes the grace of God, true perseverance, determination and is a REAL ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!

Consider The Possibilities

Bill was just a man who wanted to make a difference.
Madonna was just a girl who needed someone to make a difference.
Madonna’s sisters needed someone to be willing to make a difference.


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  1. Angie Jones

    We never truly know the impact we will make in a person’s life. Sometimes it is a simple warm smile or a kind word that changes the path for the person we come in contact with. Make a difference in someone’s life today!

  2. Dolores Burchfield

    One person CAN make a difference. I am a victor of sexual/physical abuse, molestation and rape from a 4yr old through a 13yr old. I never understood why I went through but as an adult as my relationship with God grew, He told me why. One day, a young lady who is a daughter of a friend list her father from suicide and as wonderful as she is, she was hurting & confused and didn’t understand why. God, word my mouth as I shared some of my story and needless to say, she was very taken in and shocked. She said, its hard to believe how someone who’s so funny, happy, strong as you come from such pain and horror… My response…IT WAS & IS GOD! I could hear her tone change as we hung up. I’ve kept in touch and her mother told me she’s so thankful in her life, because from that day, her daughter has really made strides to open up and address her hurts. So, I’m no one special, I don’t have a platform, but my desire has Always been to let people young and old know, what you went through doesn’t define you. You Can/Will get through this…WITH GOD U CAN. God bless….Dolores

  3. Shannon

    This woman’s story is so inspiring and encourages me to press on! It also reminds me to take inventory of my life and be thankful. Making a difference one person at a time can have ripple effects. I’m so glad she shared her story! AWESOME! Wish I could meet her!

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