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  1. Pamela

    It was such a blessing to listen to you this morning pastor Nicole!
    I’ve been “blessed” with an illness which was diagnosed in
    July, that has caused me several limitations that left
    Me questioning “why if I’m a good person” I always put
    Others before me. I never go a day without prayer whether it be for me or praying with and over others but in
    Listening to pastor Nicole this morning opened my eyes
    And made me think, am I really loving him and respecting him?
    Using my strength, heart, mind and soul, I used to think so
    But this was an eye opener that maybe all this time I wasn’t
    Giving him all off me ….just when you thing you knew it all!!!
    Lol… I will move forward with today’s lesson and I know my mind
    Will be clearer and my heart and soul will be open and ready
    For all there is too come! Much appreciation pastor Nicole
    I look forward to meeting you someday. God Bless

  2. Beth Blechle

    I love this blog you sent out today. It was spoken not written & I loved that. When I was listening my husband was here listening also. I did pray he got this into his “heart, mind, soul, & it stengthen” him as it did me today.
    God Bless you, Beth

  3. Great message, Pastor Nicole! I feel we often get so busy loving God in one way but not the others that we throw our whole lives out of balance. Loving Him with all we are is the only way to truly know His heart! Thank you for the encouraging message! You, Pastor Dave and the whole Faith Church family definitely are a positive spiritual influence for my family! God bless you!

  4. Angie Jones

    With God before us who and what can be against us. In order to have God with us…we have to have to love God as he has loved us. Today I commit to pray more daily and increase the amount of time I spend in his word!

  5. Janis Sonnenschein

    Thank you Pastor Nicole for that encouraging message. Since I have been going back to church God has taught me many things that I did not know and I am so thankful to have a loving God that provides all of us peace, joy, strength, wisdom, courage. All things are possible if you believe in him!

  6. Felicia

    {LOVE} my GOd wth all my heart AND with all my sould AND with all my strength AND with all my mind. Whew, saying that brings tears to my eyes. I too often “say” I LOVE YOU my Heavenly Father God, but never do I really sit back and think about what that entails. I thank the Lord for you and your husband, Pastor Nicole. You guys are amazing and an awesome example of what following our God looks like!

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