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As I share 12 Things I Learned in 2012 one item a day for 12 days – are you sharing this on facebook with friends?

#9 We usually think we are ready for something before we are.

Our dreams and aspirations are something we are ready to happen RIGHT NOW. Here’s the catch, timing is everything and trusting God’s timing can be tough.

We often want to speed him up and sometimes we do things in our own power to try and get what we want RIGHT NOW instead of waiting on the right time.

God knows that if we get what we want right now, we may not be prepared to be successful in that place and then lose the very thing we are striving to get because we aren’t truly prepared for it.

I remember being ready for my driver’s license WAY before I was 16! How about you?

Instead of struggling to get something we might not yet be ready for, how about preparing ourselves to be ready for it?

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