Do you wish it was optional?

It’s day 10 of 12 Things I Learned in 2012 in 30 seconds or less.

#10 – Being nice, even when you don’t want to, isn’t optional.

Anybody can be a jerk! Believe me. That guy on the highway, the lady butting in line at the grocery store, people at a holiday sale trying to get the last of something – or you and me!

It happens in an instant and it robs us of every ounce of credibility that we have in that moment.

We don’t really know what is inside of us until we are squeezed. When you get squeezed, let the love of God come out instead of the other junk wants to!

Patience isn’t a virtue, it’s a must.

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  1. Ruth

    Wow-that’s a good word Pastor Nicole! Not one I always WANT to hear, but one I NEED to always remember!! Thanks for bringing real life challenges into our walk with The Lord!

    1. Ruth,

      Thank you! Some people shy away from “real” issues in life, but in doing that they forfeit the opportunity to be authentic. How can we expect to grow together if we can’t be honest with one another?!

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