Go ahead punk, Make my day!

As we start wrapping 30 seconds a day of looking at The 12 things I Learned in 2012, we are on to:

#11. As bad as we want someone to make our day with good news, everyone else wants that too.

I picked up my phone the other day only to find out that I was getting some money that I hadn’t counted on! A hotel error had occurred and I was getting a refund I didn’t even anticipate.

I smiled FOR HOURS because of that one phone call.

Everyone loves good news and WE have the opportunity to be the bearer of it!

If we will pick up the phone and spread good news as fast as we will pick up the phone and spread bad news – we will be the little ray of sunshine walking down the hall that everyone needs. And when we walk into a room, eyes will brighten expecting a good word.

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