Are You That Guy?

One time, I was traveling alone and sat behind these two guys on a flight. Honestly, I wasn’t intentionally tryingto overhear their conversation. They were just talking loud enough for me to hear.

One of the guys was complaining about EVERYTHING! He had arthritis in his knee! He hated traveling for his job! His salary wasn’t nearly enough! And the list went on and on!

I thought, “Dude! Just quit your job!”

He didn’t have ONE single positive thing to say for that entire flight!

Then I started thinking,“Gosh, Nicole! I hope you don’t sound like that! Then I started to recall some of the times when I probably DID sound just like that!

Holy Cow! I HAVE been “that guy!”

In every situation we always have the power to decide how we’re going to react! Happiness isn’t just a feeling… it’s a CHOICE we make, every day!



Okay, so I just confessed to you. Now it’s your turn. Have you ever been “that guy”?






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