Choose Love

My heart has a hard time understanding hate. I’ve been a victim of hate. I was molested in the fourth grade. When the kids in junior high found out, they REALLY started to bully me.

I was hated and rejected for something that I had no control over. I was the object of HATE. But, the thing that didn’t fix the hateful situation… was hating back!

Sometimes, just because we’ve been a personal target of hate, we feel like we have THE RIGHT to hate back.

  • The person at church that’s gossiping about us!
  • The PTA mom that criticizes the way we parent!
  • That big mouth at work that keeps screwing up the numbers and blaming it all on us!
  • The cheating spouse that isn’t repentant, like they should be!
  • The health diagnosis that was supposed to come back better, but instead, came back twice as bad!
  • That neighbor that we’d like to give more to, right now. (And it ain’t a cup of sugar, baby!)

God understands that ANGER.

A holy righteous indignation is okay. But, the Bible says be angry and sin not. It’s dangerous territory!

If we’re not mindful, we can flip ourselves directly into trouble, very quickly, when we get on that “anger train”.

When it gets super personal, we can feel oh so right while still being OH SO WRONG!

Hate doesn’t fix hate. ONLY LOVE fixes hate. Yeah, I know… love is hard! But, God so loved the world. So, maybe we should give it a try!

God is not anger. God is love. Choose LOVE!

Continue reading “I Gotta Love Who?”on page 157 of Hi God, It’s Me Again and fill out pages 153-156 of the Journal & Study Guide. 


Has anyone ever done you SO WRONG that you felt like you had the right to hate them? Say AMEN!


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  1. Pamela Clark

    Yes my friend of 51 years tortured me verbally, threatened physical harm and screamed for 16 straight hours even got mad because she thought my own fingernails were too long. All I kept saying was please stop screaming. We didnt have a fight. It came out of nowhere. She just snapped. In Florida she for the 2nd time threw my luggage out of the car and dumped me at the airport. I struggle daily not to feel hate for her. I cant seem to find ANY love left for her.

  2. Sheila

    His love endures forever. I am going through somethings and called out of my name. My name being defiled, my life and my families. I find out while praying, we go through trials and tribulations. I learned that god knows me and he knows the truth. Say what you want because we are all being held accountable for our actions, words that come out of our mouths. I’m learning to keep my mouth shut. If it’s not a word to help someone or lift up there spirits then it’s not for me to say. I wish that every one who says they love the lord to lean on him more than what’s in the world.

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