Just Keep Dancing!

Has your last nerve been tested, lately?

We were already at the airport when I found out that the bag I’d packed 2 weeks ago got left at home. That’s my toothpaste, toothbrush, blow dryer, curling iron, hair products, and all my makeup! GONE!

While my emotions were rising up on the inside, I started rehearsing that Travis Greene song in my head. “All things are working for my good. He’s intentional… never failing”.

On the outside…

Okay God, (deep breath) You’re obviously working something out. (deep breath, again) There’s a reason for all this. (slight panic) You’ve got a plan for me. I’m just gonna have to do some serious shopping when I get there!

So, I was feeling pretty good about beginning to get victory in my “joy walk”.  I’m rockin’ this! Woot! Woot!

Then, we checked into our 17-hour flight and found out that the block of seats our family had booked MONTHS AGO had been randomly shuffled and reassigned. (Throw in a sassy gate agent that couldn’t care less, to boot!)

Are you kidding me? I was already breathing deep and just recovered!

You know, it’s not trust until we actually HAVE to trust God; until we’re in a situation that totally rubs us the wrong way. And there was no way to rub momma bear at that moment!

Welcome to your Joy Test!

Compose yourself! Okay God. I know You’ve got this, because I obviously don’t! I know You’ve never let me down. I know You’ve got my back!

Then, do something to make the devil confused as to why he can’t squash you. Like maybe, put on your headphones and just keep dancing – right in the middle of wherever you are!

Continue reading “I’m Feeling Moody” on page 165 of Hi God, It’s Me Again and fill in pages 161-164 of the Journal & Study Guide.


What was your latest “joy test”? Tell us… did you pass? Comment and support each other, here.


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