Backstage at Daystar TV

I’m backstage at Daystar Television network.

We’re getting ready to join Marcus & Joni Lamb on today’s live episode of “Celebration.” Today’s show airs at 11am (cst), 8pm (cst) and midnight (cst). You can also watch online.

We’re so blessed to have an opportunity to share the good news on Daystar Television Network. Please forward this video those those that may be interested!

After the Show

Come back after the show and leave a comment right here. What did you like the most about today’s show?

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  1. Darlene Houston

    The message you shared. It is so much like my own beginning, child, teen and young adult life. I know without a doubt I’m exactly in the city and church I’m to be. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Angela Smart

    WOW WOW WOW! I was in tears just listening to my Pastors So very proud of them. I loved when Pastor Nicole put on the Mothers Belly expressing how we should expect something in our lives. The way they just put it out there never fades in my eyes it keep me moving forward. So very inspired by them. Thank you Pastor Nicole for sharing your life with women around the world, I know it will change there lives because it truly changed mine. I Love you and am so so very proud of my Pastors. I am Blessed!

  3. Debbie V

    Soooo very proud of you and Pastor David! Pastor Nicole you were great today. I know you helped a lot of people from around the world because the phone is ringing!!!

  4. Ria Rahaman

    Loved it! Loved the shoes off moment! Pastor Nicole keeping it real! Couldn’t be prouder to be part of this great ministry!

  5. Straight Street

    I was blessed and Inspired to keep dreaming. Encouraged Not to quit on my dream! Because all things are possible. The teaching was so simple, clear and real!
    Also THECIRCUS2012… wow! that just blew my mind.
    Great work! and God bless this ministry!

  6. Sophie

    I’ve just watched it today.. on the link you put there cuz youtube is blocked here…It is awesome, Paster Nicole! U guys are awesome!!!

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