Before Honor is Humility


I like to think that I honor people. I mean…I THINK I do.

What about you? Do you HONOR those around you?

Reading this today (Proverbs 18:12) really JOLTED my understanding of what it says about us when we don’t honor others. (No matter what level we’re at.)

When We DON’T Honor Others:

• With a RESPONSE.
• By using their TITLE.
• By starting to talk BEFORE they finish.
• By not hearing the WHOLE story.
• By thinking “ME first”.
• By NOT listening to what they are saying because we’re thinking about what we are going to say.

(Is anyone else sinking down in their chair a little bit like I am?)

Swallow Your Pride
When we don’t honor others, it’s because we don’t have the HUMILITY to pull it off.

Our PRIDE is too busy defending itself. And God says pride STINKS to Him and comes right before a fall.

What’s funny is, this post probably won’t get NEARLY as many likes or shares as other #instagrambiblestudy because most of them encourage people in a different way.

But I promise, IF WE DO THIS it’s a game changer!

I’m upping my HONOR game today. Will you?

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6 Responses

  1. Angie Jones

    One thing I have been working on is not interrupting when others are talking. It is rude and not honorable. I often felt like I would forget and needed to say it right then but realized that it is not honorable and something to work on!

  2. Yasmin Thomas Dickey

    Today’s word is seriously RIGHT ON TIME!!! Each word, capital letter, parentheses, & deliberte pause has magnified regular behaviors I thought I did on occasion! Wow!! What a painful but oh so grateful breakthrough!! Thank you Pastor Nicole for facilitating our (your readership) authentic, “for real” spiritual growth!!!!

    God Bless,

  3. Rebecca OHara

    You are so right with this one !!! Definetly makes you think and want to be a better listener and honor what is being said.Thanks Pastor Nicole!

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