Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

Jesus said, “…whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you.” John 16:23 (NKJV)


The Bible also says to PRAY without ceasing.

Does that mean NON-STOP…all the time?

Yes, God is AVAILABLE! Whatever we’re doing in life, we can always quietly (under our breath) TALK to God about it.

Keeping Close
This might be a NEW concept to those who’ve been taught that prayer must be more systematic, done in the CHURCH or in a KNEELING position.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with praying in ANY of those positions.

But there’s also nothing wrong with keeping our Father by our side ALL day, EVERY day so we can tell Him whatever’s on our heart at any moment.

No Faking It
Sometimes we try to IMPRESS God with our Elizabethan English, when He really just wants us to talk HONESTLY like we would confide in a friend.

It’s actually a tremendous RELIEF when we realize that we don’t have to use a fake voice or put on religious airs to speak to the CREATOR of the universe.

He’s our DAD that receives us just as we are, and loves it when we make time to talk.

Stay Connected
So I’d like to encourage you to invite your Father to be an important part of EVERY decision throughout your day, today.

Try staying in constant COMMUNICATION with Him all the way through, until you go to bed.

I believe that this SIMPLE prayer life will be a “game changer” for you!

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  1. Angie Jones

    Sometimes I forget how easy it is to just talk to Him. He is always their just a few words away and he is eager to listen.

  2. Cheryl Morris

    Great blog Pastor Nicole. I always make time to talk and pray to god about anything that is troubling me just the other day I was reading my bible and I was thinking about something that was troubling me and I just began to talk to god and ask him for his help. I love reading god’s word it is so powerful now every time I read my bible I take notes while I am reading.

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