Behind The Mask

Behind the Mask

Back when I was a kid, I used to wake up REALLY early. I’ve since gotten over that! (lol)

My mom didn’t like us watching TV unless it meant that she could get a few more minutes of peace and quiet in the morning.

Back then, we only had a handful of stations to choose from and a round knob you had to turn to change channels. (No… seriously! No remote control!)

Does anybody remember that?

One of the only shows on that early was the Lone Ranger. (I can hear the theme music in my head, now!)

The Lone Ranger was this cool dude who rode a white horse and always wore a mask. Why? To HIDE his identity. To PROTECT himself. To keep himself and his family safe from the bad guys.

That’s what the enemy tries to get US to do.

We think we’re putting on a mask to protect ourselves, but actually, all we’re doing is masking the BEAUTY that God has created in us.

A mask puts a barrier between us and God AND a barrier between us and other people.

We’d like to think that we’re like the Lone Ranger, a really TOUGH guy. But the Lone Ranger only had one friend, Tonto. (I think the mask weirded some people out.)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be ALONE!

Covering up can seem comfortable. But, it only covers… it doesn’t correct anything! Take off the mask and reveal the true beauty that is YOU! (Hi Ho Silver… away!)
Are there certain things about yourself that you intentionally try to hide from others? It’s okay. You can admit it here.
Continue reading on page 89 of Hi God, It’s Me Again and fill-in pages 85-88 of the Journal & Study Guide.

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