Finding Hope

Finding Hope

How in the WORLD do you find friends????
It seems we are all desperate for ‘real’ friends…and HOPE!

In 2007, as new senior pastors, David and I had our heads down just building the ministry. We had no pastor friends. Didn’t even know where to find them.

We were just busy DOING it!

We did have one friend who said, “Hey I’m going to speak at this conference at Lakewood Church. I think it’s sold out, but you can probably stand in the back if you want.”

(Yeah… okay… whatever.)

We were feeling a little bit unsure, out of our element, and like we would be in the way. But, we decided to go, anyway. Somehow, we ended up in the “green room” with all the VIPs. (What in the world?) I was SO nervous! I prayed that nobody would shake my hand because I was sweating and clammy like I’d had my hand in a fish tank open_mouth!

We were just trying to behave ourselves when, all of a sudden, someone taps us on the shoulder. We turned around and… OMG! It’s JOEL OSTEEN!!!

Joel had NO idea who we were and wasn’t even supposed to be there! But for some reason, he still invited us to attend an event he was having that changed our lives! That’s where we met some of our best friends, Buddy and Debbie Cremeans and Sergio and Georgina De La Mora.

That’s where we first met producers Devon Franklin, Mark Burnett, and Roma Downey. (And starting getting to know Joel and Victoria.)

These are solid GODLY relationships that we’ve enjoyed for over 12 years! Who knew, we’d be making all those precious connections?

God knew! He can overwhelm you with exactly what you’ve been praying for in ONE unexpected moment. And then, do even MORE!

That’s the day I found Hope! God gave me my best friend, Hope Snider. She’s a barrel of monkeys and my most trusted relationship, outside of my husband.

I can tell Hope ANYTHING… and she will not report me to the police! lol Ummmm, not that there is anything to tell…right @hopesnider ? ) 🤣

Get ready! God is lining you up to give you friends and bring you supernatural connections that MONEY CAN’T BUY!

If you’re looking for a friend, if you’re wondering how to make some new solid connections – Meet me, at 7:30 pm this Friday, Sept 6th in Earth City for “QUEENS”, another FREE I Am Woman Event! Or in #westpalmbeach Sept 12!

We are all SISTERS – Daughters of The King! Sometimes we just need a moment in time to help us connect to the power of the friendships God has waiting for us!

Together, WE RULE and straighten each other’s CROWNS!

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