Game Changers

Game Changers!

One night, we were just strolling down the streets of Havana, when Ashtyn thought she heard worship music and darted through the doorway into a strange house!  WHAT???

Through the opening, we could see that “church” was going on! People were packed in with no air conditioning, with their hands raised worshipping God.

OMG!!! I was floored to see so many people HUNGRY for God!

In another part of town, we met a woman with her 3-year-old in a stroller. Pastor Omar was translating, so we asked where she was going.

She told us how much she hated to leave church early, but there was just one bus she could catch to get home.
So, David bends over and hands the little boy a 20 CUC bill. (20 Cuban Convertible Peso = $20 US) The mom asked, “What is THAT?”

David said, “Oh, I just gave the baby 20 bucks.” (That’s a full month’s salary to a Cuban.)

The woman began to quiver. Her voice started to crack and her eyes filled up with tears.

“You have no idea what this means. We haven’t had any money to eat. I’ve been PRAYING for this!”

David said, “Well, I didn’t know it was gonna be that big of a deal. Here’s ANOTHER 20.” As he gave it to her, she starts sobbing, uncontrollably!

David said, “If it means that much, here… take ANOTHER 20.” At that point, her knees buckled and she almost fell to the ground!

In America, $60 is what we might spend taking the family out for pizza, or for a few tickets to a baseball game. But to her… it was a complete GAME CHANGER!

God is SO amazing! Seems like, He always makes a way to connect people with their MIRACLE!

Many times, we’re unaware that we’re re a KEY PART of that supernatural connection!

Have you ever had a blessing come to you “out of the blue”, from someplace totally unexpected? Describe it in 3 words.

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