Being Excellent!

A few years ago, (before Uber was really popular) we were
at the airport in New York City and we needed to call a cab.
In case you don’t know, BIZARRE things happen in the back
of New York taxis. Sometimes, drunks use the back seat for
a bathroom. Yuck!
I’m just gonna admit, right now, that I’m a huge GERM-aPHOBE!!!
So, when I, reluctantly, started to get in…I was pleasantly
surprised! This cab LOOKED CLEAN! This cab SMELLED
The driver, even pushed the seat forward to accommodate
my long legs! Wow!
“Would you like a copy of the Wall Street Journal or the
New York Times? Would you care for some orange juice or
bottled water?”
 He didn’t put on any obnoxious music.  He didn’t call his family and talk loudly on the phone.  He didn’t yell and cuss out the window at other
drivers.  He drove us straight to our hotel.
As we were getting out of the car, he handed me his
business card and said, “If you need another taxi while
you’re in New York City, call me.”
I SNATCHED that card out of his hand, so fast, and gave
him the BIGGEST TIP I’ve ever given any taxi driver!
(Except for, the one that I asked to break the law so that I
wouldn’t miss my flight.)
That man was not JUST a taxi driver…he was THE taxi
driver! He’s the one I call! He had figured out how to be
EXCEPTIONAL, right where he was!
That’s gonna be YOU in your job or in your school. You’re
not just a worker, an employee, a student or a business
The FAVOR OF GOD is upon your life!
Believe in being excellent…and you’ll be the one that
EVERYBODY WANTS! ______________________________________

I want you to shout out somebody right now that you think has done something excellent. Go ahead and give them an electronic pat on the back for the world to see!

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  1. The comment, “Believe in being excellent…and you’ll be the one that
    EVERYBODY WANTS! ” spoke volumes to me. I love this statement PN. This is going on my vision wall.

    Also, I want to shout out Janet Dees for always having everything ready and prepared for us when doing iConnect and Bible Study at Earth CIty. She rocks!!!!!

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