Club Soda for Your Soul

I was at a restaurant, the other day, with some newer friends. So, I was still kind of trying to impress them.

I had on my good jeans and this really COOL, new jacket that I’d been saving to preach in.

Then, this guy walks by me and spills his red wine ALL OVER ME! It ran down my front, on BOTH of my sleeves, and all over the lap of my very favorite jeans!

It was all down my back, on my sides and (don’t ask me how) it even got on the BOTTOM of my foot! I was, literally, COVERED from the top of my head to the soles of my feet!

I was UPSET about it and I was HURT! I never even got to wear that jacket to church!

So, I stewed about it for a couple of days until I, finally, decided to LET IT GO. “God, forgive him. He didn’t mean to do it.” (I said it with a big sigh of resignation.)

I decided to try soaking my clothes in club soda, but secretly thought, “Okay, they’re probably all RUINED.”

The next morning, (you’re not gonna believe this) I hadn’t even put them in the washing machine, yet, and the stains were COMPLETELY GONE!

This is what God wants to do in your life, right now. He wants to wash away the STAINS OF HURT that you have. The hurt that runs SO DEEP in your soul that you never dreamed it would be possible to come clean.

Am I calling God, CLUB SODA? Maybe.

First, we have to be willing to show Him our stains, our offense, and unforgiveness, so He knows exactly where to pour out HIS LOVE.

So, I guess God IS kind of like “club soda for our soul”. His LOVE can wash away every hurt and leaves us spotless!

Most of us, still have a few people in our lives that we haven’t totally forgiven…and it’s only hurting US!

WHO are they? Make a list and continue reading, “I Gotta Love Who?” on page 157 of “Hi God, It’s Me Again”.

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