Being Fearless!

My husband, David, LITERALLY got bit by a LION! (Okay… It was just a little cub.) I was petting the lion just fine, but David was nervous and it seriously got him bitten!

Here’s the cray thing, what we’ve always feared CAN happen to us. What we’ve dreaded can finally come true! (Job 3:25)

What if fear wasn’t just fear… but an actual TRAP? Because the enemy goes about like a roaring lion just looking for people to devour!

If we’re not afraid of the lion, we can BOLDLY grab him by the scruff of the neck and put him back in his place. (Like the owner did.) Because we have the Lion Tamer within us! (God in our life!)

But, when FEAR traps us… we won’t grab the thing we fear (and we can) and then, it’s loose and can GET US! Take EVERY thought captive!

One thing’s clear. No matter what’s happening TO us or AROUND us, God doesn’t want us to fear. He wants us to trust Him, to follow Him, and to walk by faith.

FAITH is the opposite of fear!

The enemy (lion) wants to keep you paralyzed by fear, to rob you, to keep you from a victorious life, to keep you in the DARK, and far away from what God has planned for you.

It’s the oldest trick in the book!

Faith in God is the rope that you can hang onto as you swing out over hell and spit right in the devil’s eye! We weren’t created to fear him. We were created to DEFEAT him!

Be FEARLESS! God’s loving protection is around you every day! Step out of the shadows into God’s glorious LIGHT!

It’s your time! Shine… baby SHINE!

Are you afraid of something that you could turn over to God, right now? (Raise your hand!) What’s bothering you?

This Friday and Saturday, I’m gathering all my girlfriends in West Palm Beach for SHINE- The 2019 Women’s Conference. Are you ready for some wild worship and outrageous preaching by my good friends Sarah Jakes Roberts and Sara Conner?

This event completely sold out in St. Louis 2 weeks ago. And now, we’re getting close to reaching our limits in West Palm. So, get your ticket, NOW, before they’re all gone!

Go online to https://www.iamwoman.tv/2019


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  1. Ericka Miller

    I’m giving my home life to God & everything that’s blocking me to be able to return back home to Him. The hotel life is nice but what real stability does it have..,, I needed this..

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