Something from Nothing!

Recently, when we were in Cuba, David and I met these 2 pastors that were holding services in an old house.

We told them if they would come to our hotel at 8:30 the next morning, we’d give them some of the “Hi God” books that are printed in Spanish.

At 7:30 am when David went down to breakfast, they were already in the lobby… WAITING. They didn’t want to miss the chance to get Christian books. (There isn’t a SINGLE Christian bookstore in the whole country!)

David invited them to join him for breakfast, but they wouldn’t come. “Oh no! Cubans aren’t allowed to eat in the hotel restaurants meant for Americans.

Well, you know my husband… he WASN’T having it! These guys were with him and he wasn’t taking “no” for an answer!The pastors had never been in a restaurant like this. They were so used to having NOTHING, they didn’t know what to do. Finally, they timidly asked, “Do you think we could have a cube of cheese?”

A cube of cheese??? Are you kidding me… this is a BUFFET!

First, you’re gonna have a big omelet with all the vegetables. Then you’re gonna have a big stack of waffles.
You have to eat some of EVERYTHING until you just can’t eat anymore. It’s the American way!

God doesn’t want us begging for a tiny cube of cheese. He wants us to believe He is able to do so much MORE!

He wants us to help ourselves and load up on the WHOLE BUFFET; a buffet of more than enough of His mercy and grace, of His salvation and healing, and of His provision and JOY!

You may have come from a whole lot of nothing. But, God has SOMETHING wonderful in mind for you!

Have you ever had really LOW expectations, and then God just blew your mind? (Raise your hand.) I know I’m guilty.

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  1. Teresa

    Hey PN! I kid you not I just sent a text to someone stating that I’m going to have a conversation with God to keep me grateful in what I have, just after I sent that text I open my my email and saw this ! Right on time as always!!

  2. Soph

    Meeeeeeeee….. it has happen to me a few times…. when my son was 4 years old , I had an old car that was bearly making it around town. I wasn’t working and i was down low on money. One day the car was stalling and as I went to pick up my son, I had to leave the car running, hoping and praying that i got home which was about 3 1/2 miles down the road. When I picked up my son from preschool, we were on our way home, he was sitting in his child car seat (the baby seat) when all of sudden I heard him say “Mommy you need a new car” I was surprise to hear him say so, to this I say pray that Mommy gets a new car. He prayed a simple child like pray ” Lord help Mommy to get a new car I said amen with him. I had forgotten about the prayer when 3 weeks later my hubby told me he was taking me to look at a car down in miami. To cut the story short I was blessed with a SUV of that year. I was in shock… when I reached home I kept going to look through the window to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

  3. Lori

    This is a great reminder that I needed to hear today! My Father passed away almost 4 years ago and left a very substantial estate behind. Even though there is more than enough to go around, without going into much detail, the love of money and the greed of control completely took over the lives of people I used to call family. The things that have been deceitfully and even perhaps maliciously done to keep me from having what is rightfully mine, devastated my life, for a long time. HOWEVER, the Lord has been so good to me, and He has shown me that the inheritance that my earthly Father left, PALES in comparison to the inheritance I have in Him, and I am truly blessed beyond belief! Thank you for the great reminder! 🙂

    1. Karen Lawson

      Dearest Pamela,

      Please continue to pursue help and support. We have so much available to us just actively continue to reach out and find the strength to know that things can and will improve but don’t give up going after the support groups and opportunities that are available to you through church.

  4. Evelyn Anderson

    I just found out today that my son killed himself today. He was suffering from PTSD and shot himself in his car. I tried talking to him last night and I just keep feeling like there was something I should have done or I could have done. He witnessed somethings while serving his country overseas. Please help me.

    1. Karen Lawson


      My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your loss. For encouragement please read my response to Pamela. This too will help and encourage you I hope. Hugs.

  5. Always loving your posts gal! Keep knocking them out of the park like you always do. It is remarkable how much we take for granted as Americans, I try not to be wasteful. I’m guilty of not being constantly grateful and knowing that I have been so blessed. I’m guilty of thinking mostly about what I didn’t get, or what didn’t happen or has never happened that I must realize there has to be a shift. I feel ashamed thinking about those pastors downstairs an hour early when I seem to be 5 to minutes late constantly. I feel inspired to improve!! NOW. Thank You Nicole.

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