Freedom Isn’t Free!

My dad has always been a quiet guy. He doesn’t say much unless something is really right or really wrong!

He was in the Army during the Vietnam War but he didn’t really talk about it for 45 years of my life.

A couple of years ago, he finally started telling some stories about it. And a man who doesn’t show a lot of emotion… just let the tears FLOW!

The hurt of 40+ years had held him captive for too long. Now, he’s finally finding FREEDOM from his pain and is able to start sharing and healing!

God doesn’t want us to stay bound by hurt, anger, depression, frustration, or our past. He wants us to be free from bondage. He wants us to be free from self-doubt. 

God wants us to be free in every area of our lives! But, freedom is never FREE! Jesus DIED to give us that freedom and forgiveness!

I’m SO thankful for all the soldiers who have done the same thing. So many have given SO MUCH for what we enjoy, today!

Let’s bring that perspective of thankfulness back into view. We can see it in ALL we’ve been given. 

Ultimately, our freedom is found in JESUS! If we forget that, we’ll never be happy with where we are!


If you have a friend of family member with military service, show them how proud you are. Shout out their name, here!

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  1. Flossie Roedell

    I have three brothers from Viet Man service. All three died of agent orange. Don Mike and Bobby Hartley

  2. Cecilia Johnston

    My Father Andrew White was in the Army during WWII
    My son Mark Johnston II was in the Air Force

    Thank you for this beautiful message reminding us that our freedom is a gift that Jesus paid for with his life and so to did a lot of people sacrifice for our freedom here in the USA! God Bless everyone who has and does and will serve!

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