Every Precious Minute

Have you ever been under pressure to prepare for a big event or an important presentation at work?

Not long ago, we had a huge women’s conference coming up and I wanted to be SO FULL of The Word that it would overflow!

So, I had a plan!

I’d built-in an HOUR of study time with God. But then, my phone started blowing up AND my husband needed me.

Just as soon as he left the house, Ashtyn came screaming down the stairs.  “Mom, Mom…I need you!” So, I had to handle “being Mom”.

At that point, my phone started blowing up, AGAIN! OMG!!! Are you kidding me?

It was the office and they just needed to ask a couple of QUICK questions. Meanwhile, the exterminator showed up and he needed to talk to me, too.

A few minutes later, my husband calls. “Whatcha doin?”

“What am I doing? I’m FIGHTING for just 2 minutes of study time with God!” 50 of my 60 study minutes were GONE and I felt like a complete failure!

(And there I was, wasting the little time that I DID have left by complaining that I didn’t have enough time to spend with God!)

I just want to know; Does this sound like a CRAZY day you’ve had, recently?

The enemy has no new tricks. He tries the same stupid stuff to keep us in a tornado of distraction and confusion.

Because when we get STRESSED OUT, the first thing to go is the very thing that can help us counter the stress… and that’s our TIME WITH GOD.


We may not get to give God all the time that we want, but He understands and appreciates every PRECIOUS MINUTE that we fight for!


When you’re trying to spend some quality “Hi God” time, what’s your biggest DISTRACTION. Tell me, here.




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  1. Janel Wren

    I needed to hear this so badly. Our lives have been so chaotic but I cannot wait for the blessing we have coming! Thank you so much!

  2. Bernice Shaffer-Parmeley

    My biggest distraction is in my mind. It’s the; ok, I’ve got to do this, this and this, oh but I need to do this first in order to do that. Hi God, I love you, oh look at the time, now I have to go. Yes my distraction is in my mind. BUT I know I have the VICTORY!!

  3. Darlene

    Hi Nicole
    I try to listen to my praise and worship FIRST which leads me into prayer, but before I can finish my prayer time, my mind is accosted with thoughts….things that I need to remember, things I may have forgot to do! Although I try to keep my focus and continue to have my devotional time-it seems that I can’t recover that time. Even if I try to go do those things and return to my devotions-that time is lost and I find myself apologizing to God.

    I do KNOW, though, that He understands. However, it can be so frustrating at times.

  4. Johnna Wieter

    I needed this today! Been kicked out of FB with all of my businesses I’m running, my iconnect, my fitness/health page. It’s been frustrating so for the last 2 days I have been rebuilding those contacts and pages that were completely lost. Today, just now, FB locked my new account. The last two days have been a waste and then I read this. Thank you. The devil is hard at work in my life. He’s battling like he never has to keep me from what I’m supposed to be doing and that’s helping others.

  5. Antonio

    The hand held device I am typing this on! I swear the Devil invented these things. The enemy is in our hands constantly and I try to make it a point to leave the enemy in the other room whenever possible and wouldn’t you know it, the rapture does not occur. Great post Pastor.

  6. Lori

    I can relate! I also get easily distracted so I have found that in order for me to REALLY focus on Him and what He is teaching me, I must silence my phone and turn it upside down with NO vibration, while I am reading His word or praying. Sometimes this may be 10 minutes, but others it may be an hour or more. I try very hard not to look at the quantity of time, but at the quality of the time I spend in Him. (=

  7. Ernest

    worries of life is a big concern when I try a private time with God, or doubt about my perfection before our creator.

  8. Norma Perez

    I understand, l ‘be been in the same situation. I’ve found that getting up early is a good way of spending time with God.

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