But I Can’t Stop!

But I can’t stop!

I think most of us can’t relax because we don’t think we have time to.

We think there are many ways that we should spend our time instead of taking a moment for ourselves.

The kids need attention, the spouse needs some 1 on 1, of course work needs more focus, and our friends really need some lovin’ if they are going to still be our friends!

The truth of the matter is…

Are you ready for this?

Without taking some time to think, we put ourselves, together, to NOT think, to let our stress levels recede back to a non-flood wall level – none of those people or things are really getting the best of us anyway.

As I spend the next few days working on making sure I take care of me so that I can take care of others – I’m just going to write about it so that you have some encouragement to take care of you too 🙂

Tell us…

What’s the best way you know how to relax and de-stress? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Kellie Harris

    I find a nice warm bath with some kind of relaxation oils, soft music after the kids are in bed really helps unwind from a long day. I don’t think anyone besides other mothers truly understand what we do everyday to take care of our familys. My husband and children are the most important people in my life and I want to give them 100% of me everyday and be the best wife mother that I can be.

  2. For me, its my daily workout time. I am incredibly blessed that my almost 2-year-old is SO social, so he loves the childcare at my gym (probably as much as he loves the nursery at church), and then I have 1-2 hours to focus on ME. Its wonderful. …. And when its not exercising, my de-stressing is done in the kitchen, baking up something delicious!

    1. Elizabeth,

      Yes! Gym time is a MUST! My son can completely relate to you in that arena as well. It’s his way to shake off the stress of the day. It’s convenient that they provide child care at your gym also!

  3. Cheryl Morris

    I find that when I read my bible, come to church and listen to my Christian music is the perfect way for me to relax and destress. Just the other day I was so stressed because of my online course assignment that when I came to church I was relaxed and not stressing. Reading my bible last night after I watched Joel helped me relax and destress. I personally think that I need to take time to relax and not stress about anything. When I’m not reading my bible, listening to my christian music or at church I do all of my destressing in the kitchen with my mom.

    1. Cheryl,

      You’re right. Sometimes getting in the Word, or turning on a Christian/worship song is all we need to get some new perspective of a situation! Isn’t it funny that the closer we draw near to God, the more we become like Him! But the less time we spend with Him, the more we become like our grumpy selves.

  4. Jeanette

    My favorite time to relax is on Mondays of all days. I am a housewife with a schedule and the day I clean my floors and wash my floor rugs is Monday. While I’m waiting for the floor to dry I sit on my favorite sofa in a little corner of my house. There I sit and meditate in the peace that comes over my house. No kids asking for anything, no husband needing anything either. It’s just me and God. We sit and talk to each other there and he helps me at that moment to ease anything that may be wrestling in my heart. I cherish those moments! It’s not a very long time, but just enough to settle in a place of rest.

    1. Jeanette,

      I love your post! That little corner of your house is like your secret getaway place with God! And as much as you enjoy it, know that He loves it even more! That’s really special, thank you for sharing.

  5. Phil Barbercheck Jr.

    I find that the best time for me to unwind if you will is at night time after I get done with work at 11:00 o’clock I come home and get my dinner and go to my room and eat talk to my wife about how her day was because she comes home and I leave and as I’m eating I’m also talking to God I know not nice to talk with your mouth full but thats the way my day is set up. I’m a stay at home Dad during the day and work at night so that is my time to let God take over and tell me what he has wanted to tell me all day and I don’t hear him because of everything else that I do during the day and into the night

    1. Phil,

      Don’t worry… Although your wife may not be able to understand you when you talk with a mouth full of Doritos, I’m pretty sure God can!I’m praying financial and tremendous blessings over you and that family of yours!

    1. Michelle,

      I heard someone once say, “music is what feelings sound like.” My daughter plays the piano too, and it’s so fun to hear her practicing from her room. A book or a nice note makes a good day great!

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