You Don’t Know My God!

One time, David and I were at a conference and we went out walking along the beach. I had my phone because it’s hard for me to go anywhere without it.

I guess I got sweaty because, all of a sudden, it flew out of my hand. At that exact moment, a wave came up and washed my phone out to sea!

I was FREAKING OUT! “My phone! My phone!”

So, I ran out in the water and found it. I wiped it off, laid hands on it and prayed, right there!

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “That’s just SILLY! Do you really expect God to fix your cell phone?”

Well YES! I did expect God to fix my phone because YOU DON’T KNOW MY GOD!

  • My God is a GOOD God!
  • My God cares about EVERYTHING I care about.
  • My God wants me to SLEEP at night.
  • My God gives me PEACE, even when I think I should be upset about something.

So, I prayed. “God, I really NEED this phone! I’m out of town and I don’t have any of my phone numbers backed up. Father, in The Name of Jesus, THANK YOU for restoring my phone!”

That phone was BLESSED and, later, went through an entire cycle in the washing machine…and still worked! Someone had to, literally, run over that phone to make it stop.

God is into the details of your life! Stop selling Him short! Lift up the little things to Him and pray. Don’t credit “coincidence” and fail to give Him the GLORY He deserves.

God’s BIGGER than you think, BETTER than you think, and LOVES YOU MORE than you’ll ever know!


Has god ever exceeded your expectation and done something great for you?

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  1. Judy Holley

    I love it when that happens !! NO not looking a phone , But when God is so big and is always with us . He loves us Unconditionally. He takes care of us. So when we call on him we know he is listening and He WILL respond. God is good.

  2. Michele Campbell Etzel

    Yes God has answered many Prayers for me! Lately he moved my son, Joshua from Gulf Prison, the worst Prison is the state of Florida back closer to home and also an even bigger Prayer I have been praying for much longer. Josh is now in the Drug Program starting week #6 a 6 month Program at Okeechobee Correctional Institution. A few weeks ago during the offering service Faith Church had a Testimonial on regarding a young man, I believe his name was Joe, a Herion Addict and I had tears through the Program as I related to his story (my son Joshua). Praying along I was wishing my son would get help while he is in Prison, he had to ask for the program he was not court mandated to take it. When I came out to my car, I looked at my cell phone and had a message from Josh that he was signed up for the Drug Program. Of course I wanted to verify he was telling the truth, so I called the Prison on Monday to verify. I had pure tears of joy when I got off the telephone! God indeed answers prayers! Losing my oldest son in April I can’t bare to lose my only son! Thank you Jesus! I love Faith Church!

  3. Marcea Ashby

    I had to share this testimony about Trusting God in all situations, I lost my bus pass and got quite upset, was on pity Lane, complaining and saying negative things, Then I started to get angry, I tried calling people at the last house I was, I left the house and stopped the bus I got on , could not find it and I got more upset, I was getting ready to go the school and I was still upset, when I heard God say ” do you trust me”? I Snapped and said” No I don’t trust anyone, Which I instantly regretted, God then said leave the house now and go for the bus that goes past you at 3.00 clock, So I start to walk down the road, I hear the bus coming and start to run, My regular driver seems me, pulls up and I run up to the bus, he says I’ve been looking for you all morning and gives me my bus pass.I was so grateful and said to God I will trust you , repented and moved on.

  4. Kim Kilcrease

    Thank you for sharing. I agree that God is GREAT……………………………..!!! My husband lost his wallet at the automated teller machine (ATM) I declared in Jesus name that he would get his wallet back, and he did not think so. We both went our separate ways that day to take care of business. Around 9:00 a.m. my son called me to tell me that a man stopped by the house to return my husband’s wallet. Everything was in it and there was no fraud or anything that occurred in my husband’s name. That was not coincidence, it was GOD almighty!

  5. Siara

    This is SO good! God is all up in the details! God is always doing amazing stuff but recently, I was in the homebuying process and EVERY SINGLE DETAIL said it would not work! But they didn’t know MY GOD . God gave me a word and said that was my house. 13 long weeks later God made a way for my real estate agent to forfeit a large portion of her commission to negotiate with the sellers and I closed 4 days after that on my first home! BOOM!

  6. Irene

    I cannot share details ofeverything that my God has done for me but I will just summaries some.
    He changed the direction of smoke from a factory chimney.
    He step by step organised the renovation of my house to the tune of over £22000!

    When praying for person in next hospital bed, all cancer disappeared.

    Prayed for unemployed daughter and she was given a position with all the conditions she required.

    I have been abundantly blessed, even to the smallest details. Praise His glorious name.

  7. Laura Lockwood

    Thankyou pastor Nicole. Im so glad someone whose a christian loves thier phone as much as me. Youre a very real christianand i love that. Thankyou. God bless

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