The Perfect Fit!

You may not know this about me, but I’m kind of a “theatre buff”. So when I heard this story about a little girl who grew up in England, back in the 1930’s…I was fascinated!

Gillian was a WIGGLE WORM!

In school, she was having a hard time fitting in. She couldn’t sit still in her chair and pay attention. Her teachers couldn’t handle her. She was a HOT MESS!

(By today’s standards, they would probably have labeled her HYPERACTIVE and tried to medicate her.)

Totally frustrated, her mother took her to a doctor for help. After examining the child, he turned on some music and took the mother aside to talk. Little Gillian was, immediately, up and dancing and twirling to the music.

“Just as I thought,” the Doctor said. “She doesn’t have a problem…she’s just a DANCER!”

Gillian Lynne grew up to be a famous ballerina and one of the most successful dancer/choreographers in the world.

Later, she partnered with Andrew Lloyd Webber to choreograph two of the MOST POPULAR productions in musical theatre history; my all-time favorites, “Phantom of the Opera” and “Cats”.


Sometimes, we try to FORCE things to fit the way WE want. But, what if God is up to something BIGGER?

What if He’s trying to move us out of a good life into our BEST LIFE, so we can positively impact someone else?


Gillian wasn’t out-of-place, at all. God sees things that we can’t. In fact, she was the PURR-FECT FIT! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!)


Has anyone ever told you that you’re different, that you just don’t fit in? Me too! Let’s talk about it.


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  1. Wanda Snell

    Good morning Pastor Nicole, That sounds just like me growing up being very different. I was always doing something and not foucs. And could not stay still. I really love ro write and tell stories. My Imagination was off the charts and still is.
    The teacher would ask what did you do for your Family.😊 vacation, well we never went any where my parents didn’t have the money. So in my mind I would imagine the most beautiful place and tell a great story. I love, love to write .

  2. Holly Peay

    Yup, I tell myself that, I have a hard time being in one place. I want to explore. I have stayed in one place for 4 years, unheard for me. Different churches though. I had separated from my ex husband almost 5 years now and I knew I was to be still and get healed. Now I can feel movement again and a little no a lot scared.everyone I know is settled in one place. Is this something I bring on myself?I will fit in for awhile , then I get ancy

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