Turn Up the Praise!

Last Friday night, the Worship Team had just barely made it through the first song…when the entire sound system SHUT DOWN! All you could hear was the lone drummer keeping the beat.


No keyboard, no guitars, amplifiers or microphones; they were all completely DEAD!


The temptation for everyone was to STOP singing. (That’s just human nature. We all face that.) The temptation was to stop PRAISING GOD.


But, if we praise THROUGH the dark moments in our lives, when things look dead…. that’s when the MIRACULOUS can happen!

It didn’t MATTER that there was no music. No one seemed phased by it, at all. The crowd just kept on singing, even LOUDER THAN BEFORE!!!


In fact, they TURNED UP the praise!


The song changed and the worship continued, uninterrupted. Hundreds of voices in unison, all praising God, ACAPELLA! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!



Just like that…

The sound system, amazingly, came back ON! Everyone got even MORE EXCITED as the intensity of the worship ramped up!


The enemy wanted to destroy the service. But, the Holy Spirit actually MULTIPLIED THE POWER OF GOD that was present!


The rest of the night’s worship continued with no issues. The auditorium was overflowing with the tangible presence of the Spirit!


They never stopped praising! They kicked the devil in the pants and said, “NOT TODAY!!!”



Has the enemy ever tried to divert you from your path? Tell me how you TURNED UP the praise!


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  1. David J.W.Kimani

    Thank you for this very timely reminder. Seasons of discouragement seem to keep company with breakthroughs that the Lord bring our way. I thank Him that it’s while Paul and Silas were in prison that they raised the praise to the Lord. Yes, when things are not going as planned I have been tempted to be downcast. But like David too I want to tell my soul to put my hope in God. No chance for Satan. God bless you.

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