Without Warning!

Last fall, there was a huge storm that was supposed to be TWICE THE SIZE of the biggest hurricane ever to hit Florida.

We were there…right in the MIDDLE of it!

People were closing windows, boarding stuff up, and duct-taping doors shut. Everyone was getting ready for the storm because they heard the WARNINGS and knew it was coming.

But in the last days before Hurricane Irma was due to arrive, the air outside was clear and breezy. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Some folks in our congregation had extended family living in Cuba, so they called to check on them. They asked, “Do you guys have plenty of water? How are your rations? Are you boarded up?” They said, “For what?” It was just 48 hours until Irma…and it hadn’t even been on the news! They had no clue that a MONSTER STORM was coming right at them!

Most of the time in our lives, we don’t see our storms coming, either. •  Our biggest client JUST LEFT!

•  The bankruptcy came OUT OF THE BLUE!

•  Our spouse just completely FLAKED OUT!

•  The addiction GOT ITS HOOKS IN so tight!

•  Our checkbook is drained and we don’t know WHAT HAPPENED!

Unexpected storms can DEVASTATE us without warning! We have to be “stocked up” on faith and rely on God’s authority over the situation.

We all want Jesus to come and calm our storm. Instead…Jesus comes to CALM US and walk us THROUGH the storm! <<<

Like he did for Peter to walk on the water. No storm. No miracle. But also, no calm surroundings. The storm screamed, but Peter trusted God and had peace.

The world will rage all around us. But, we’ll be in PERFECT PEACE with the Prince of Peace at our side!

>>>God has you. God has control of the situation. Will YOU trust HIM in the storm? Can YOU believe God enough to have peace IN the storm?<<<

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  1. Gabriel Powell

    Just about a year ago my wife left me. She had given me indications she was not happy and I did not get what she was talking about. I drank at the time and was not in the right place with God. Once we were seperated and I started to seek God it was a short time that I started to see just how bad things really were. I pray every day for my family and still do in the midst of this divorce. I thank God every day for a change of heart in the lives of everyone in this family.

  2. Marinda Ferrell

    This was a timely message for me and thank you for strengthening my faith, God does have my back. Glory to God.

  3. Mary

    Thank you for this on time message Today the winds of life are rising and I feel as if I am spinning out of control this is a reminder that I need to seek shelter behind the most high GOD. My storm chaser is Jesus. Yesterday I had to terminate a very loyal employee. Today I have several schedules conflicts that run into Monday along with I am short staffed and all I hear is” I need” “is it ready” and “why not”. Jesus help me to see you in all this

  4. Hope

    This is so true but even when the warning signs are there we pretend they are not and hope the storm will pass us over…but it doesn’t. And oh! We so need that peace and to hide in God’s presence otherwise we don’t survive it. We also need to be surrounded by believers who can pray for us and hold us up when we can’t stand on our own.

  5. Sandy

    It seems there has been one storm after another and I have been waiting for the calm seas. Our Father has carried me through so far and I have no doubt He will some day get me to solid ground. He is my provider and protector, my salvation.

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