Don’t Say a Word!

Because we travel so much, our daughter is forced to live BETWEEN two cities. For her birthday, we wanted to do something special, so we used our airline points to fly one of her friends to Florida.


Coming out of the airport, the traffic was monstrous! We were STUCK!


Until…David noticed that the airport exit was RIGHT THERE, to our side! A narrow piece of grass was the only thing between us and FREEDOM!


He said, “All we have to do, is cross this LITTLE grassy knoll.” (I remember another famous grassy knoll, and nothing good happened there, either.)


I said, “Sweetie, it looks like, maybe, it COULD be a ditch. I’m not sure we can make it across that.”


He said, “Look, this is gonna save us half-an-hour. Watch me!”


Well…not only did we drop off into a deep ditch, but our rented, fully-loaded SUV began to SINK!


With three girls, five suitcases, husband, wife and two dogs…we were up to our door handles in the Florida SWAMP!


I heard in my heart, “DON’T SAY A WORD, Nicole! Don’t let ANYTHING steal your joy!”


So, I just sat there with my wifely smile on.


About 15 minutes passed before David, finally, agreed that we were gonna need scuba tanks to get out of there…so he called for a tow truck.


Most of the time, we don’t see things the way God does. When we see a problem, God sees a PLATFORM. When we see pressure, God sees a PROMOTION!


This little thing is way BIGGER than you and me!


God’s getting ready to do a work in us that’s gonna

make the neighbors JEALOUS!


They’re gonna look at us and wonder, “WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE that allows THEM to enjoy so much peace?”


We know, it’s because our joy is NOT in this world. Our joy is IN OUR KING!


How about you? Have you ever had to bite your tongue to keep from losing your cool? Tell me all about it.



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