Stop and Remember

I LOVE how we stop on Memorial Day and HONOR those soldiers who have died protecting our lives and our country.

I think it’s interesting, how God actually instituted a form of Memorial Day, thousands of years ago.

He would often ask the Israelites to stop and build an altar or make a pile of rocks; so whenever anyone passed by their crude statue, they would STOP and REMEMBER all the good things He had done.

Today, I just want to stop and remember what my country has done for me. I was a Canadian 3 yr-old, who was adopted into the arms of AMERICA!

I want to remember what MY GOD has done for me. A little girl that was given up by her biological dad…but always treasured by her SPIRITUAL FATHER!

What kind of memories do you have, today? Who or what do you HONOR?

When we take time to show honor, that helps keep our eyes on all that we HAVE, instead of complaining about what we think we don’t have.

Join me, and pray for the families of those who have died in our defense. We pray PSALM 91 PROTECTION over all those, around the world, who stand in our place, TODAY.

If you are a veteran or first-responder…WE HONOR YOU and THANK YOU for your service!

“No one has greater love [no one has shown stronger affection] than to lay down (give up) his own life for his friends.”  John 15:13 (AMPC)


Happy Memorial Day!


This is the perfect time to give honor where honor is due. Tell me, what have your country and your God done for you?

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  1. Marianne Showalter

    I had a Father who served in WW2 who has passed when I was only 25. I have a brother who was in the Navy and served on the SS Midway in Loas. He too just passed a week before this passed Christmas. I have another brother who was in the Green Beret who is battling Leukemia right as we speak. To be honest, I have 9 relatives buried at Jefferson Barracks. So these holidays mean so much to me.

    Ass for what God has done for me. God removed an aggressive stage 4 cancer from my body 9 years ago. Each day I count my blessing as to be here on earth. My friends led to to Faith Church in September of 2008. There is where I met Pastor David weighing in at 265 lbs. He blessed my throat before my surgery. He would never recognize me from that day a I lost 110 lbs through radiation. God kept me here for a reason. I wait patiently to hear for the Lord what it is he wants me to do. I know from listening to both you and Pastor Dave to spread the word and bring people to Church. But I pretty much do that on my own. I am the lady you spoke with the other night after service in the SUV. I asked you if you had an apt for rent within the building of Sunset Hills. I was joking about that, but was not joking about how this Church and being here makes me feel.
    I have prayed daily for God to restores the differences within my family. I would like to know if at any time you could speak personally with me one on one.
    I am attending an I Connect group, and volunteer in the Source. I just went to my first Street Mission this weekend and will be attending Growth Track next week. I started prayed with Susie in 2008 and continue to pray with her today. Susie, My I Connect group and you and Pastor Dave have been very inspirational to me. The more I come here the more i want to come here. But I work two jobs. I missed all the Lady Gala’s because I work two jobs. I have only called in sick once and that was to attend the Street mission this weekend. It was real awakening. How great it was to give to these people. In the passed I just dropped things off to use but never went on one of trips. God Bless all who Come to this Church and take part in all that is here to do. I met some very nice people. Thanks for all you and Pastor Dave do and hope to be able to talk to you soon.

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