Faith in Action!

Earlier this year, David and I took Ashtyn to Disney World. It’s just a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the West Palm Beach Campus.

I don’t usually drink coffee, but I decided to splurge and order a latte at the hotel. I really like coffee, but coffee doesn’t always like me. I don’t know any of these people. So, what happens at Disney stays at Disney! 🙂

It was $5 and 500 calories. (Who am I kidding? We were at Disney. It was probably $27!)

I took one sip and…UGH! It tasted like dirty dishwater!!!

The hotel had all their big bosses sitting right there, so I didn’t want to say anything to get anybody in trouble.

So I just sat there, sipping and complaining. “Oh, this is terrible! Oh, I hate this!” I’m using all this energy to gripe, but not doing anything to FIX IT.

Finally, David said, “I’m so sick of you complaining, woman! Go handle your business!”

I went over and whispered to the girl, “I’m REALLY sorry. I know your boss is right there. But I think…maybe…this was made with spoiled milk? Is there any possible way…?”

She snatched it away from me. “Oh, I’d be HAPPY to fix this for you! AWESOME! Hey everybody, I’m fixing her drink!”

Here I was, freaking out about a little tension, and all I had to do was have faith enough to take ACTION!

God’s has so many blessings, so many dreams, so many favors, and so many opportunities out there for us. But without corresponding action, our faith is DEAD!

Enroll in that class! Apply for that job! Ask for that raise! Pop the question! Be BOLD! God loves it when we take action!

Our faith is FULL of POSSIBILITIES…but it’s in our hands!


Is there a step that you’re nervous about taking, right now? An action you know you should take but you’re a little nervous? If so, I want to see a little emoji showing that this gave you courage!


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  1. Maria Melendez

    I feel like I needed to read this today! been thinking of signing up to take a class towards furthering my career in IT Healthcare!

    Thank you so much PN!

  2. Krisi Moore

    I keep having this manifestation appeared to me about this idea at my church. This is totally out of my comfort box but I felt compelled I finally have gotten enough courage to ask one of the church elders if I can meet with him for just a few minutes or take him out for a coffee or a dinner him and his wife he said yes but hasn’t gotten back with me I hope I don’t chicken out and just realize that he’ll forget that I think that it’s an idea that I can help a lot of people I hope that I can try to be brave and happy and strong like you are Pastor ! Thanks again for always sharing your wonderful testimony it means so much and I hope that you’re having a wonderful trip blessings to you always ! 👍🏻🤔💪🏻✍🏻💼🐔

  3. Donna marietta

    This seems to be popping up everywhere
    Faith is an Act!
    But I seem to believe that my Faith isn’t high enough to take the step

    Great word!!
    Thank you

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