Father to the Fatherless

I was born in Canada and abandoned by my biological father. He never even came to see me. (His loss!)

But then, God gave me a father who was so much BETTER! That’s the man I call, DAD!

So many times, people live their lives continually SEEKING THE APPROVAL of a father.

Men may work hard in business, trying to prove themselves WORTHY and win the approval that they didn’t get from their own fathers.

Women may go from bad relationship to bad relationship looking for the approval of a FATHER FIGURE.

The enemy attacks the fathers in our world because he knows it will erode the trust we have in our HEAVENLY FATHER.

But, it doesn’t matter if:

  • Your father LEFT YOU before you were born.
  • Your father WALKED OUT on your family.
  • You never even KNEW your father.
  • Your father was EMOTIONALLY ABSENT from you.
  • You could NEVER win your father’s approval.
  • OR, You had the BEST DAD, and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to live up to his standards and be a dad like him.

You have a Heavenly Father who loves you for who you are and He’s PROUD of you! He will NEVER leave you!

God is not a man that we have to try and please. He’s God….and He’s ALREADY PLEASED with us!

He is FATHER to the FATHERLESS, and He’s calling us to “RISE” above our circumstances.

“RISE” above the fact that, what the world didn’t provide for us…HEAVEN DID!

“RISE” up and become so much MORE!


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