Living a Vanilla Life?

There are so many different times in our lives that we need to RISE. Sometimes, we have to rise out of a bad circumstance.

Others times, we just may be living a “VANILLA” life that’s just plain DULL! Nothing is really wrong…. but nothing’s really right, either.

In the Bible, Nehemiah had a comfortable job working for the King. His life was FINE, (vanilla) until he heard that the walls of his capital city were crumbling. He knew he was CALLED to do something about it.

(Isn’t it interesting, how our MISERY is so often a sign of our MINISTRY?)

So, he headed to town to get to work.

But, everywhere GOOD tries to flourish…evil is always there to try and stop it. Nehemiah was threatened from every direction.

In essence, his enemies were saying to him, “Just WHO do you think you are?”

When God calls us, it doesn’t matter who WE THINK we are. It only matters who WE KNOW we are! We’re called and we’re qualified to accomplish ALL things!

Let us RISE UP and BUILD!

Nehemiah didn’t rebuild the wall in just a day or even a month. But with supernatural help, he did finish the job in just fifty-two days!

What if, God calls you to build something BIG? Just keep moving forward. ONE STEP forward is twice as good as one step backward!

God believes in YOU! So, you have all heaven and earth on your side!

Even if it takes YEARS before you can stand on top of your wall and claim victory. Don’t stop!

RISE UP and BUILD…and never give up!


Are you building? Are you working on something BIG? Tell us how it’s going.


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